Are boy models exploited

Yasmin Le Bon This is how young models are exploited

The modeling profession is only a dream job at first glance, reality usually looks very different: Stressful and long working days, little time for friends and family and the constant pressure to be beautiful and as thin as possible cause problems for many women . In addition, the models on the international catwalks are getting younger and younger: “It's wrong for young models to open shows. It was hyped as the next big thing, but the designers are actually stingy, "says Yasmin Le Bon (48), who has been working as a model for 30 years, now in the English newspaper" Daily Mail ". The British woman, who celebrated success in the 1980s and 1990s alongside colleagues like Tatjana Patitz (47) and Cindy Crawford (47), complains about the trend towards extremely young girls on the catwalk they don't have the experience or the confidence to ask for better treatment, ”explains Yasmin Le Bon. Especially young girls who are separated from their parents and have no experienced advisors are easy prey in the shark tank of the fashion industry. They are often mercilessly exploited by designers and model scouts. She herself observes with her daughter Amber (24), who also works as a model, that the pressure is significantly higher now than at the beginning of her own career. “We were slim, but there was a little more to us than to the girls today. And we were older, ”says Yasmin Le Bon. “The current development is not good for the modeling business.” Her consequence: The British woman supports the “Health Initiative”, which was launched by the editors-in-chief of the 19 international editions of the fashion magazine “Vogue” last year. The aim of the initiative is to promote a healthy body image and awareness within the fashion industry.