How does the insurance for student drivers work

Insurance for driving schools

  • Driving schools train as a company special risk and therefore need one extensive insurance coverage.
  • To the main insurance include company and operator liability, special motor vehicle insurance, business content insurance and learner driver accident insurance.
  • Under one special motor vehicle liability insurance one understands the protection against damage caused by the car under the guidance of someone other than the driving instructor. This is v. a. important for training, advanced training and test drives with learner drivers.
  • With a Business content insurance Driving school owners protect the entire inventory of their business. The insurance covers the costs after a fire, burglary or pipe burst.

Insurance for driving schools at a glance

1. The Public liability insurance, which takes over all damage to the driving school operation.
2. The Operator liability insurance, which insures accidents at traffic training areas.
3. The Organizer liability insurance, which enables the insurance coverage of events and promotions.
4. The Special motor vehicle liability insurancethat covers damage if the driving instructor is not the driver of the vehicle.
5. The Business content insurance, which secures all inventory of the driving school.
6. The Glass insurancewhich insures the interior and exterior glazing of the driving school.
7. The Third party vehicle insurance, enables insurance cover for driving lessons in vehicles that do not belong to the driving school.
8. The Learner driver accident insurance, which ensures the well-being of the learner driver.
9. The Legal protection insurance, which enables insurance cover for claims for damages and legal proceedings.

Liability insurance in all situations

Persons who bear a certain complicity in the occurrence of damage are in accordance with BGB obliged to pay compensation. This principle applies not only to road traffic, but to all areas of life. Liability insurance is in place so that possible damage does not have to be paid out of pocket. It reimburses justified claims for damages and fends off unjustified claims. However, there is no all-in-one solution for liability insurance, so that the insurance cover must be adapted and compiled according to the needs at hand.

Public liability insurance

The company liability insurance covers all damage that is associated with the actual driving school operation. It does not limit its protection to the reimbursement of damages incurred. Rather, the business liability insurance takes care of the assumption of any claims and defense against unjustified claims for damages. Your insurance cover applies to driver training in all classes and includes all typical driving school risks. When choosing the provider, one should keep an eye on the amounts insured. The sum insured for personal injury, property damage and financial loss should not be less than 3 million euros. However, we recommend significantly higher insurance sums of 5 to 10 million euros.

Operator liability insurance for traffic training areas

A practice area for basic driving exercises or a traffic practice area may be safer than public transport, but damage and accidents can occur at any time. Provided the learner driver succeeds, his driving instructor culpable behavior as a result of wrong instructions prove, the latter is liable for the damage incurred. In this context, other parties, such as health insurance (to statutory health insurance), can also obtain recourse claims. Therefore, it makes sense to obtain operator liability insurance.

Organizer liability insurance

The driving school's training program is by no means limited to imparting the knowledge required to acquire a driving license. Instead, they expand their range of training to include other activities, such as taking part in street festivals, trade fairs or safety training.

Use of non-gasoline-powered vehicles is included in the insurance coverage

As the organizer of such events, the driving school is liable for all damage in connection with the event. An organizer liability insurance protects the driving school from any incidents. Will it be used during the event non-gasoline powered vehicles like bicycles or minicars, this fact is within the Insurance covered. In contrast, must for use gasoline-powered vehicles additional insurance must be taken out that special motor vehicle liability insurance. If one deals with the conclusion of an organizer's liability insurance, only those should be shortlisted, the one Sum insured of 5,000,000 euros for personal injury and property damage as 50,000 euros in the event of financial loss keep ready.

That's what the driver's license costs in Berlin

Driving school
Basic charge49 to 340 euros
Teaching fee30 to 80 euros
Driving lessons20 to 40 euros
Special trips30 to 50 euros
Practical exam50 Euros
TÜV / DEKRA fees
Theoretical exam11 euros
Practical exam90 euros
Other edition
Eye test6 euros
First aid course20 Euros
Driving license application40 to 50 euros
Passport photos10 Euro
Average in Berlin1,400 euros

Special motor vehicle liability insurance

A special insurance for driving schools and driving instructors is the special motor vehicle liability insurance. Your insurance cover becomes active as soon as the motor vehicle insurance of the vehicle used waives its obligation to provide benefits. This is the case, for example, when the The instructor training does not drive the vehicle is. The special motor vehicle liability insurance covers all accident damage that occurs during the training, advanced training, retraining or test drive.

Damage to the learner's car is also insured

Your insurance cover takes over if the learner driver is injured or killed through the fault of the driving instructor or if he causes property damage to his own car. Here are the Accident damage to the vehicle used only then insuredwhen the vehicle not to the driving school or other driving instructors authorized is. In this context, it is only necessary to graduate if the driver training is to take place in the learner's own car. When choosing the special motor vehicle liability insurance, it makes sense to give preference to those who have one Sum insured of 100,000,000 euros for personal injury, property damage and financial loss make it the subject of insurance. With regard Personal injury care must be taken that they have an insured amount of a maximum of eight million per injured person provides.

Role of the driving instructor in the legal sense

The driving instructor training is in accordance with Section 2 (15) of the Road Traffic Act not driving the vehicle, though

  • training courses, advanced training courses or test drives are carried out in which the learner driver is already in possession of the driver's license for the car used
  • Training, advanced training and follow-up training for people outside of public traffic are instructed.
  • Trips are carried out during professional driver training in accordance with Section 5 of the Professional Driver Qualification Act.

Business content insurance

With the operation of a driving school, one-time investments are usually made in the technical equipment and decorative furnishings of the training center. There is a risk that these purchases will be affected by influences such as fire, burglary or burst pipes. In this case, the business content insurance offers comprehensive insurance protection and reimburses all damage to the driving school inventory caused by fire, overvoltage from lightning, explosion, robbery, vandalism and storms.

»In addition to the technical and commercial equipment, carpets, curtains, forms and teaching material are also part of the inventory of a driving school. In fixing the Sum insured Care should be taken that they the total new value of the inventorycorresponds to. Depending on the insurer, it is possible to integrate business interruption insurance into the insurance contract. you refunded the running costs for a maximum of 12 monthsif operations have to be stopped due to damage. "

Glass insurance

Depending on the location, the driving school is marked with a high proportion of window panes. We recommend taking out glass insurance so that these are protected against breakage in the event of an emergency. It insures the inside and outside glazing of the driving school against breakage. It does not matter to the glass insurance how the glass was finally broken, whether through carelessness, children playing or a draft.

Third party vehicle insurance

Even a third-party vehicle that is used to train the person taking the training is not protected from possible accidents. As a rule, the vehicle used is provided with liability or even fully comprehensive insurance. However, if the vehicle is used to train the owner, the respective purpose changes. In order to be sure that this fact is properly insured, it is highly recommended that you take out third-party vehicle insurance.

Comprehensive protection for third-party vehicles

The third-party vehicle insurance covers all damage caused by damage or destruction as a result of an accident. As part of the third-party vehicle insurance, accidents during a practice and test drive by a learner driver, candidate driving instructor and professional driver are covered. In addition, accidents during a driving test as part of the follow-up training are also covered by the insurance of third-party vehicles. The insurance stipulates that a driving instructor trainee must only drive in the presence of a driving instructor. In addition, damage related to refueling or servicing the third-party vehicle is also insured.

Learner driver accident insurance

During the technical briefing in driving lessons, something can easily happen to the person being trained. Since the motor vehicle liability and company liability insurance are only obliged to pay damages if the driving instructor is at fault, the learner driver is usually left to his own devices in such a case. So that the well-being of the learner driver is not endangered in the event of damage, the conclusion of a learner driver accident insurance (for accident insurance) should be considered. Depending on the selected insurance tariff, the insurance cover can be limited to the learner drivers or it can be extended to include all participants in the courses, seminars and other training opportunities.

Learner driver accident insurance benefits

As part of the learner driver accident insurance, there is a right to the following insurance listings:

  • Invalidity: permanent physical or mental impairment of performance
  • Total death toll: if the victim dies within one year of the accident
  • Rescue costs: costs for rescue and the search for injured persons
  • Transitional benefit: existing impairment of 50 percent, six months after the accident
  • Hospital daily allowance: for every day on which the injured person is in full inpatient treatment
  • Commuting accidents: Accidents on the way to driving school or home

Legal protection insurance covers the hassle of road traffic

Driving schools tend to be quickly involved in legal disputes, for example when it comes to a traffic accident and the resulting claims for damages. In addition, the driving school owner can also encounter difficulties with his employees or the tax office. With legal protection insurance in the portfolio, the owner can be sure that all costs of enforcing his rights will be covered.