How can brand awareness be improved

8 tips to increase awareness of your company

How do I manage to get noticed by my target group and that without huge marketing budgets? We'll explain this to you in today's blog post and show you eight tips that can be implemented quickly and that you can use to bring more potential customers to your website or directly to your store. We go into both online solutions to increase awareness and offline solutions for brick-and-mortar retail.

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Define target group

Even if you want to increase your profile, you shouldn't shoot sparrows with cannons. There is no point in delivering your advertising to as many recipients as possible if they do not correspond to your target group. This creates wastage that ultimately only costs you money and does not bring any real added value. On the contrary, it can even be that you annoy the recipients by over-penetration and thus get a poorer image. You will be known, but not remembered well.

The level of awareness should therefore be increased specifically within your target group. To do this, you need to know your target audience. The following points will help you to better segment your target group or to improve the addressing:

  • Where is my target group staying? (Both online and offline).
  • How is the target group being addressed? (You, you)
  • Gender, age, income or place of residence.
  • B2C (Business to Customer) or B2B (Business to Business).
  • What are the Questions or problems Your target group?

If you have these key data, you can specifically build your marketing strategy on it and minimize wastage. The more you know about your target audience, the more efficient your advertising will be.

Become part of the community

Every product and service raises questions. This is a good starting point to get your company actively communicating with customers.

Look around the Internet for questions in forums that are directly related to your product or for which your product / service is the solution. Customers will certainly keep coming back to you with questions. With a helpful answer to problems establish yourself and your company as an expert in the respective industry.

Your level of awareness in the community increases and, at best, you as a person become an opinion leader directly. We recommend that you do not answer directly on behalf of the company, but with the real name of the person who actually answered the question. This appears more authentic and strengthens the bond with other users.

In addition to increasing the level of awareness in general, you will also receive direct traffic from the answers if you include a link (forum link) to your company website in the answer. However, linking your own website in particular should only be done if the link also represents real added value for the person asking. So create content that is as helpful as possible, e.g. in the form of blog entries or FAQ pages about your products or services. These can then also be linked by customers themselves.

Be found locally and increase awareness

4 out of 5 potential customers use Google searchto find out about local businesses. 50% of users do a local search using a smartphone have carried out visited the company on the same day. This information comes from a study by Google (Link). It is therefore particularly important for you as an entrepreneur to be found in Google's local search.

Google My Business as an introduction

Google My Business is the gateway to your local findability on the web and represents a kind of digital yellow pages. This service is particularly interesting due to its prominent integration into the SERP. Whether a direct inquiry about your brand or a search term in connection with your services

Above you can see a search query for the brand “Advidera”. Thanks to the prominent integration in the search results (right column), the customer can navigate directly to the company, receive more information about it or even submit a review. Again, you have one through the reviews direct instrument for customer communication. Below you can see a search query for a service, in this case “Schuhmacher Köln”.

On mobile devices such as smartphones, there is also the direct option of making a call with one click.

You can create the entry for your company at

More business directories

In addition to Google My Business, other business directories should also be used. On the one hand to improve the local findability and on the other hand to be found in other search systems (every business directory is its own search system). Consequently reduce reliance on google and further diversify your traffic sources. The following is a list of important business directories in Germany in which you can make a business entry:

Make sure that the given data (name of the company, address, telephone number and website) are consistent on all portals. In addition to the general business directories mentioned, entries in local directories are particularly important. This is another step in increasing your profile.

Display campaigns for more reach

In addition to the organic listings in the search results of Google and Bing, both search engines also offer a paid search. Here companies can buy the front seats. Google's system is called Google Ads and the product of Bing are those Bing Ads. The Google Display Network (GDN) is particularly suitable for increasing awareness and thus brand awareness. This gives you the option of placing banner advertising or video advertising on relevant websites.

Google's display network achieves over a trillion ad impressions per month (source) and, with several million websites, has the highest reach (over 90% of all Internet users worldwide). This also includes the well-known video portal YouTube, which in turn is the second largest search engine after Google itself. Banner and especially video advertising can be placed here. Both worldwide and in Germany. In contrast to many competitors, Google does not pay by impression, but instead uses the CPC (Pay per Click) method. For you as an advertiser, this has the advantage that you really only pay for users who visit your website, regardless of how many users have seen your banners. This makes the Google Display Network particularly inexpensive. Depending on the target, the cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) billing models, also known as thousand-contact price (CPM) or cost-per-acquisition bids (CPA), i.e. costs per transaction, can also be selected. Here you have a high degree of flexibility.

To the To further increase awareness You can use remarketing to track users along the entire customer journey in the display network. Here the user sees your banners or videos on pages in the display network after visiting your website. By storing a cookie, the user can be “tracked”. But remember to use frequency capping to regulate the frequency of advertisements. Displaying your advertisements too often can also cause dissonance among users.

Social Media Marketing - The direct line to the customer

Thanks to the target group definition, you should now know exactly where your target group is. The target group may no longer search directly on Googlebut is she more at home on social media like Facebook and Instagram? Then you should also adapt your marketing activities accordingly.

You can publish a page on Facebook using the following link: An entry here should be part of the basic marketing equipment of every company. After you have created the page, you can publish news about your company here or enter into direct dialogue with your customers. Local companies in particular, such as restaurants, can use clever social media marketing to increase the reach of your brand. Below is an example of a Cologne burger restaurant:

By liking your fan page, you have a constant line to your customers. Because this sees your posts in the stream as soon as you share something new. Sharing content is even better for increasing your own awareness. If a user likes one of your content (here the picture of a burger) and shares it himself, this post will also be displayed in your fan's timeline and thus visible to their friends. Often there are people with similar interests in the circle of friends, so you get visibility in the target group you want - free of charge.

In addition to the organic reach (i.e. unpaid) on Facebook, it is also possible here To promote contributions in exchange for monetary benefits. With Facebook ads you can advertise your posts in a targeted manner. This means that the posts are also shown to users who have not yet liked your page and who have not been reached via their own friends in the form of a share. The advantage of Facebook is the very strong segmentation of the target group (s), because Facebook has a lot of data, far more than Google, which makes it possible to address target groups very precisely. This means that advertisements are only really delivered to those users who come into question as recipients. Here, too, advertisements are available in the form of videos, graphics (banners) or simple text advertisements that can be advertised in the form of postings.

You should find out by testing which social media platform best suits your target group. In addition to Facebook, which is the largest platform, there is also, for example, the short message service Twitter or the career network XING.

Offline marketing: personal, close and direct.

Classic offline marketing should not be forgotten even today. Because it is always nice to get a haptic and olfactory impression of products in addition to the optical impression (if possible). The best thing to do is to take a look at the companies on your street. Are there any companies that are upstream or downstream from you and are not in direct competition? For example, a nail salon could display flyers in a hairdressing salon and vice versa.

Small events, such as celebrating an anniversary, greatly increase local awareness. Free samples (e.g. when eating) make you want more and attract customers to your shop.

Do you have a company car? You are not yet using it as an advertising space? Big mistake! A company car parked in metropolitan areas, in particular, makes a lot of contact per day. Even if you do not receive any direct inquiries about this, this type of advertising contributes to your brand awareness.

mouth to mouth

Without good products and or services, no matter how good the marketing, your company will eventually go down the drain. Make sure your customers are happy, because satisfied customers recommend you to others. In this way you can increase your awareness without having to intervene in marketing yourself. Your product or service then speaks for itself. The biggest role model here is Apple and its huge fan base. But even on a much smaller level, you should definitely not underestimate the factor of a personal recommendation.

Recommendations from friends or acquaintances are classified as particularly trustworthy. Through the so-called Social proof a purchase of your products is already predetermined.

Use feedback from customers to continuously optimize your products and services. And ask your customers for an evaluation - actively. E.g. by email. You can animate your customers by offering them a discount for the next purchase, for example. And should there ever be criticism. Show understanding and respond to the customer. This is how you show other customers that you take criticism seriously and that you care about customers' problems.

Content marketing

The supreme discipline of digital word of mouth recommendation is based on the discipline of content marketing. Roughly speaking, content marketing is about creating content that is helpful, interesting or simply funny that other people, whether customers or not, share it with their friends and acquaintances and talk about it. This does not have to be on the same level as Hornbach, one of the leading content marketing companies in Germany, which spends millions on its campaigns. If you offer good, understandable solutions to problems, e.g. in the form of videos or as a restaurant, repeatedly posting great pictures and invitations to theme evenings on social media channels, this will pay off in the long term, if done correctly.


Of course, the list of eight tips is not all-inclusive, nor does it claim to be. As an entrepreneur, it should give you a clue as to which channels you can use to increase your awareness. Both online and offline.