Should I believe a stockbroker

RoboForex- What to Believe?

The risk is always there, it's part of the game. The question is actually how long this will still work, i.e. how long Roboforex believes it can offer these conditions.


I strongly assume that the "smaller" brokers will also be attacked by the regulation madness in the near future.

After all, all banks and brokers on this planet have the same contract (license) with the same company that dictates the rules.

Wherever you are, even if you still have your place of business in a zone that is "gifted" with privileges.


An offshore broker does not have to be naturally worse than a "serious" broker.


There are one or the other "big, reputable" broker with "strict regulations" whose subsidiaries (which also call themselves "AG" in a very effective manner) offer you great "segregated customer accounts"

a "deposit insurance", blind you with fake insurance ... have only one small problem ...

whose company structure ends with a Scottish LTD, which means that the broker (in total! for all! customers) only deals with one! Pound in liability is. Tadaaaa!


Roboforex is not very present in German-speaking countries, take a look at to see what experiences can be found there. A search for "roboforex" currently shows around 1700 hits.

An error does not become truth just because it spreads. [Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi]