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5 Halloween reminders to keep your cat safe

Halloween is an interesting holiday. Also known as All Saints' Day, it is a celebration in a number of countries on October 31st (the eve of All Saints' Day or All Saints' Day). Halloween evolved to include a variety of local traditions that many may not even be familiar with. Regardless of your traditions, there seems to be one common truth about Halloween: it can be a dangerous time for cats.

Fortunately, with proper knowledge of the dangers, you can ensure that you and your cat have a safe and happy Halloween night. Here are some reminders to keep your cat safe from things that swell during the night:

1. Hold your cat inside.

My advice is always to keep your cat indoors, but this is especially important on Halloween night. Unfortunately, not all Halloween activities are positive, and cats are particularly associated with superstitions. Don't take any chances, keep your kitten at home. Keep in mind that if a terrifying group of visitors shows up, the cat will rush through an open door or become hysterical and aggressive. It is a good idea to keep your cat behind a closed door.

2. Most cats don't like parties.

Have guests over? Cats aren't very well known for their love of parties. Most of them are usually reserved, shy, and easily frightened. Make sure your cat has a private and quiet space to escape to before guests arrive.

3. Most cats do not wear costumes.

There are exceptions, of course, and cats in costume are extremely cute. However, make sure to read your cat's signs. If your cat is hissing, running, or hiding when you try to put the cloak on, then it is not interested in getting dressed. (Editor's Note: Here you can see some pets enjoying their costumes, with adorable results.)

4. Most cats enjoy chewing on costumes.

If you enjoy making costumes, make sure that shiny strings and cords are not feline-accessible. Cats can swallow strands and develop intestinal disorders.

5. Keep your cat away from candles.

A traditional decoration for the evening is candles (either in a pumpkin or on a table). A panicked cat can tip over these candles with potentially devastating consequences. Make sure your cat can't tip a candle and start a fire or injure itself.

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