What are common automation test tools

Test automation tools

With TESTONA, MODICA, MESSINA, Assystem offers three tools from the field of automated or GUI-supported test case generation as well as automated test execution.

MESSINA is the test automation tool from the tool provider, which also covers the testing of control units on the HiL test bench. The tools generally have their roots in the testing of embedded software.

The testing tool TESTONA supports a systematic test design with the addition of the classification tree method for test case determination (test design). This also supports the measurement of the test coverage. Of course, the test tool also supports a model-based testing procedure.

There is also MODICA, which aims at the topic of model-based testing in its entirety. MODICA also works with the requirements management tool DOORS, also an example of tools that can often be found in the automotive or embedded software sector. In MODICA, test cases can be mapped in models, which in turn can be used to generate test cases or automated tests for test automation tools.

Together, these test tools offer a systematic test design, automatic test case generation and automated test execution.

According to the tool manufacturer, the tools are independent of industry and domain, but you can tell from the tool description alone that the roots lie in the embedded systems or automotive sector. The test design tools can certainly also be used in other ways, of course a corresponding effort is still necessary to make the output of the tools readable and understandable for the one test automation tool or test management tool.