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The Chimney Lift Experience at Battersea Power Station

Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Simone Kunisch

London is getting a new lookout point - at Battersea Power Station. Here you can find out everything about the new attraction, which is due to open in 2022.

360 degree viewpoint - from Battersea Power Station

At the end of March 2021, the first pictures were published that show what the new all-round view of London will look like. A viewing platform is reached in the north-western tower of the former power plant, which can be reached after a few seconds with the lift.

The planned lookout in one of the chimneys (c) Battersea Power Station

The Chimney Lift Experience

However, the experience begins on the ground. In turbine hall A, there will first be an insight into the history of the power plant before the group of visitors is led to the lift.

How many people can use the lift at the same time?

According to current information, around 30 people will be brought up to the viewing platform in the lift at the same time. There information boards help to discover and recognize the London sights.

How high is the viewing platform?

The viewing platform is located at 109 meters. It allows a good overview of the Battersea Power Station and a completely different view of London. Because so far there is no vantage point from here that captures the skyline.

The planned 360 degree view of London (c) Battersea Power Station

Who runs the Lift Experience?

The operator will be IMG. They also run the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland or the Ice Rinks at the Natural History Museum or at Hampton Court Palace.

The history of Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station was an active power station from 1930 to 1983, supplying one-fifth of London's electricity needs.

The building was listed as a Grade II listed building three years earlier. This ensured that it would be preserved and protected.

In 2007 this status was even increased to Grade II *.

The renovation work has been going on here since 2012. The first houses, shops and restaurants are already open and more and more life is moving into the area. More than 250 apartments will be ready to move in by 2022, and over 100 shops and restaurants make a visit worthwhile even if you don't live in the area. The Chimney Lift Experience is then one of the special features that wants to attract visitors here.

On my last visit, the renovation was still in full swing

How do you get to Battersea Power Station?

The extension of the Northern Line to Battersea Power Station is planned for autumn 2021. Then the journey from Central London is possible in a few minutes, the station will still be in Zone 1.

Until then, I can take the longer walk from Chelsea over the beautiful Albert Bridge, through Battersea Park - past the Peace Pagoda - Recommend to the former power plant.

An entrance to Battersea Power Station
The new viewing platform will be in one of the chimneys

What's going on in the former power plant?

You can find current events on the Battersea Power Station website.

Do you already know the Battersea Power Station site? Are you interested in visiting? Would you take the lift up to the viewing platform? Report times in the comments under this post.

Parts of the new apartments near Battersea Power Station
The new area around Battersea Power Station

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