Mangalore has an international airport

International repatriation by plane and helicopter from Mangalore

If you have a professional and safe repatriation abroad from Mangalore International Airport in Mangalore, the German international repatriation team is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Our experts coordinate an individual patient repatriation for you to Germany, which can take place on the same day if you wish.

We have many years of experience in the field of international patient repatriations and regularly start from Mangalore International Airport in Mangalore. Therefore, we can provide you with immediate help with all patient transports from Mangalore and the whole Return transport to Germany from a single source transact.

This also means that we can provide an ambulance or ambulance in Mangalore to take the patient and their companion at the treating clinic or from home and brings it directly to the ambulance aircraft waiting at Mangalore International Airport. Of course, the accompanying medical team will load the patient lying down on the rescue aircraft if necessary. All of this ensures that the patient is transported back from Mangalore as gently as possible.

For most patient transports at Mangalore International Airport, due to the medical urgency of repatriation, it is possible to obtain the necessary permits more quickly. Even security and passport controls of the passengers can usually be carried out directly at the tarmac for patient transports in Mangalore, so that no waiting times at the general terminal arise.

Our international departments are always available for you non-binding request for a patient repatriation from Mangalore International Airport in Mangalore - be it with an air ambulance, airliner or helicopter.

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Ambulance transport from Mangalore to Germany

Independent of an accident or serious illness If you require a patient repatriation from Mangalore during your stay in India, the German international repatriation is at your side at all times for you and your family at Mangalore International Airport. For your patient repatriation from Mangalore to Germany, we provide a suitable rescue aircraft that you and your companions safely back home brings.

It does not matter to us whether we are transporting stable patients or the critically ill with intensive care ventilation. We guarantee one for every patient professional repatriation from India. Of course, an experienced medical team accompanies the ambulance and takes care of the patient's well-being during the entire duration of the flight.

For maximum medical safety, we arrange your patient repatriation at Mangalore International Airport in Mangalore according to ours comprehensive bed-to-bed principle: We don't just pick up the patient from their current location and bring them to the {airportname}}. Even after landing in Germany, we will take him to the target hospital or home in a fully equipped ambulance or ambulance. We agree all departure and departure times off each other.

Foreign repatriation from Mangalore with coronavirus

Although the coronavirus causes restrictions worldwide, illness with COVID-19 is not a hindrance to one successful repatriation abroad. For coronavirus patients, too, we organize fast and safe patient repatriation from Mangalore International Airport to their home. Modern medical technology makes this possible.

An isolation system is used throughout the repatriation to ensure that you do not infect anyone can: You lie securely inside the system and can rely on negative pressure to prevent the virus from escaping. The medical team conducts their treatment through ports so that you always well looked after are.

The right means of transport for your international repatriation from Mangalore

Most repatriations abroad are carried out in an air ambulance. These planes have a modern medical equipment and have a specialized medical team on board. Ambulance planes are flexibly ready for departure at any time and can therefore also be made available at Mangalore International Airport for your repatriation within a very short time - on request often on the same day.

This makes them particularly suitable for urgent repatriation of patients with a difficult or unclear state of health. The medical equipment on board the air ambulance will be supplemented individually before each flightin order to be able to optimally take into account the patient's state of health.

Thanks to the permanently installed intensive care equipment on board the ambulance jets used (e.g. Bombardier Learjet 35 A, Bombardier Challenger 604, Cessna Citation Bravo, Cessna Citation XLS), patients are optimally cared for during the entire ambulance transport. The range and the high speed these jets make them the ideal means of ambulance for medium and long distances.

In consultation with you, we also provide ambulance services at Mangalore International Airport economical and flexible rescue aircraft turboprop engines, including the Beechcraft King Air 200 and the Piper Cheyenne PA-42. They are able to land on very short runways and thus at very small airports. As a result, they often bring the patient much closer to the desired destination and minimize the duration of the necessary ground transport.

There are also time-critical ambulances from Mangalore on short routes medically equipped rescue helicopter for use. In most cases, you can land directly at the hospital, making ground transport superfluous.

International repatriation of children from Mangalore

The German international repatriation has years of experience and special know-how in the field of patient transport for children in Mangalore - of course also for premature babies and newborns. With a sense of responsibility and a sure instinct, we put together highly specialized medical teams to ensure safe child patient transport from Mangalore International Airport. Belong to the teams Pediatricians and neonatologists with years of professional experience in intensive care units of well-known clinics and in the emergency medical service.

Only medical equipment that has been specially developed for children and babies is used in a children's ambulance from Mangalore to Germany. Whether ventilators, monitoring units or transport incubators: the equipment of the ambulance aircraft, rescue helicopters and ambulances we use corresponds to this the latest standard of modern medical technology.

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If you have any questions about the organization and procedure of a repatriation from abroad, we recommend you take a look at our FAQ. We have collected a lot of useful information for you here.

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