What did James Charles do wrong

Because of sex allegations: Youtube star James Charles loses 2 million followers

Trouble with James Charles and Tati Westbrook

It is an unparalleled trouble. The dispute between fashion youtuber James Charles (19) and his mentor Tati Westbrook (37) could also become the subject of a daily soap.

It's about sex and a lot of money

At the age of 19, James Charles already has everything that some others dream of: He's a millionaire - not only in terms of his followers - but also on his bank account. He is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world and the first male model of the US cosmetics brand "Covergirl". But apparently because of the success he has forgotten who his friends are.

Those are the bad allegations

At least that's what his former mentor Tati Westbrook claims. The 37-year-old, herself a mega-successful beauty vlogger, accuses her younger colleague of merely taking advantage of her and then throwing it away.

What happened? As felt by all bloggers in the world, James and Tati were at the Coachella Festival in California. Sunshine, ferris wheel and three million selfies. You know that.

However, James Charles also dared to advertise products from "Sugar Bear Hair Care". Stupidly, the direct competitor of Westbrook's own brand "Halo Beauty".

The dispute escalates

Ouch, of course that doesn't work. Westbrook initially complained to Instagram. This was later followed by a 43-minute video on YouTube, as reported by "eNews".

She denounces his behavior. Accuses him of making sexual advances to other people online and ends up breaking his friendship. Of course, James can't let that sit on him.

Sorry through YouTube

He also posts a video on YouTube. Only for nine minutes, but with a long apology.

And yet: his fans don't seem to want to forgive him especially for the sex allegations. Over two million people escaped him on the video platform in just one day.