How deadly is the Grand Canyon

70-year-old falls from a rocky plateau to her death

For the fourth time within a few weeks there is a fatal accident in Grand Canyon National Park. A 70-year-old falls from a rock plateau. Rescuers can only recover their corpses.

Grand Canyon - Another person crashed and died in Grand Canyon National Park. Park employees recovered the body of a 70-year-old woman on Tuesday about 60 meters below a rock plateau, as the national park administration announced.

Employees had responded to an emergency call that a person west of the popular Pipe Creek Vista lookout needed help, it said. Before the employees could intervene, however, the woman fell. The background to the emergency call was initially unclear. The 70-year-old had previously run about 60 to 90 meters off a path, the park reported. The woman's death is being investigated.

Three deaths in a short period of time

Three other deaths are currently being investigated: At the end of March, a tourist fell down a hill and was killed. The Hong Kong man slipped while taking the picture. Also at the end of March, the body of a Japanese tourist was found in a forest, away from cliffs. In early April, a 67-year-old from California fell from a ledge and died.

According to the park in the US state of Arizona, an average of twelve people die in the Grand Canyon each year. However, not all fall - deaths from heat or accidents while rafting are also included in the statistics. Almost 6.4 million visitors visit the Grand Canyon annually.

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