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Sample template for tool tests

This post contains our template for the tool tests in the test forum of Werkzeug-News.de. Since the template is intended to be a guideline for tests of hand tools, power tools, stationary machines, gardening tools, etc., some statements are formulated in a very general way and should be implemented accordingly or omitted or supplemented. Another template for testing services (online shops, service, etc.) will follow.

Please copy the template (below, everything between the green lines) for your report into any text editing program and fill it out offline. Then you can copy your test report and paste it into a new post in our test forum. Finally insert pictures or attach them as files. Our template contains the BBCodes (control characters in square brackets) for formatting the posts in the forum. Please do not change them and do not switch off the BBCode in your posting.

All tests on the same model should be posted in one thread and placed one after the other. The title of the thread should consist of three elements: brand (manufacturer), tool / device type, exact model name, e.g. B. Bosch demolition hammer GSH 16-28 Professional or Knipex pliers wrench 86 03 150.

You should describe your test impressions in the five categories below and rate each with a score from 0 to 7. The better, the more points there are. You can orientate yourself on the following scale (no school grades!):
0 = not tested
1 = unsatisfactory
2 = poor
3 = sufficient
4 = satisfactory
5 = good
6 = very good
7 = Excellent

The evaluation per category can be done as a whole number or with a place after the decimal point, if you calculate it internally from several sub-items.

In the template, the areas to be filled in are marked with curly brackets and in red, e.g. B. {text to be replaced}. Please replace the places including the curly brackets with your details.

Everything that is {red} must be replaced with your own text. (The color of your text does not matter later in the forum. Only the text and the control characters are read).

Please do not change any of the blue areas, just copy them as well.

The green texts here are for explanation and should not be copied. For a better overview, this page and the evaluation calculator should remain open in a separate window. Alternatively, it can also be printed out with a color printer.

Copy and fill in everything between the green lines!


[b]- {Brand (manufacturer), type of tool / device, exact model designation (as in the title)}[/ b]
[b]- When was it bought?[/ b] {date of purchase (approx.)}
[b]- Where did you buy it?[/ b] {Dealer XY}
[b]- New used?[/ b] {new}
[b]- price paid[/ b] {???, ??} euros
[b]- Manufacturer's list price for a new device[/ b] {???, ??} euros

[b]Furnishing[/ b]
{This includes items such as the standard scope of delivery, quality and comprehensibility of the operating instructions, standard storage and transport options (case), quality of the supplied accessories, especially a standard tool, additional system accessories.}
[b]Test result: {?,?} Points[/ b]

[b]handling[/ b]
{Test points: weight, if necessary assembly / disassembly of the device, size and height of the work positions, assessment of switches and displays, ergonomics of the handles, center of gravity for hand tools, operation for right and left-handers, setting options (including accessories), changing the tools }
[b]Test result: {?,?} Points[/ b]

[b]Power[/ b]
{Sub-items: Working speed with different materials, max. Performance values ​​(e.g. cutting depths, drilling diameter), quality of the result (e.g. cutting quality), motor power and reserve}
[b]Test result: {?,?} Points[/ b]

[b]environment[/ b]
{Test points: packaging from an environmental point of view, running noise, vibrations, dust and dust extraction, cleaning, information from the manufacturer on recycling and disposal. The guarantee should also be rated here if necessary.}
[b]Test result: {?,?} Points[/ b]

[b]Price and price / performance ratio[/ b]
{Please rate the absolute price and the price / performance ratio here, taking into account the scope of delivery and quality of the test device.}
[b]Test result: {?,?} Points[/ b]

[b]Failed?[/ b]
{yes / no, if yes, state reason}

[b]Special points of criticism[/ b]
{A Few Critical Notes}

[b]Noticed positively[/ b]
{That was especially good}

[b]Suggestions for improvement[/ b]
{That could be done better}

[b]My test result[/ b]
{That's my test result. Please formulate about 2 to 3 sentences.}

[b]My test result[/ b]
Equipment: {?,?} Points 25%
Handling: {?,?} Points 25%
Performance: {?,?} Points 25%
Environment: {?,?} Points 10%
Price and price / performance ratio: {?,?} Points 15%
[b]Overall result: {?,?} Points[/ b]
[b] [size = 120] {test grade} [/ size] [/ b]


As an alternative to filling in the result block, you can use the calculator in the right column and copy the entire result block from there directly into your forum post.

Please attach photos of the test (device details, application photos, etc.) and provide them with image lines (file comments).