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Ratatouille is the eighth full-length animation film from Pixar Animation Studios. In 2008 it was awarded an Oscar for best animated film.


The rat Remy has a special talent: her fine nose. As a “snoop”, Remy is therefore allowed to check all stolen waste for rat poison for his clan. However, Remy is alienated by his family's eating habits. He dreams of fresh food and steals it from people's homes.

When one of his forays fails, the whole clan is discovered and has to flee; Remy is separated from friends and family. In Paris alone, Remy ends up in the restaurant of the late master chef Gusteau. Remy quickly finds a friend in the dishwasher, Linguini, who shows him his skills as a cook. Linguini and Remy quickly make a pact: Remy should control Linguini so that he can prove himself in the kitchen of the fine restaurant and prepare fine dishes, in return Remy receives good food and a place to stay.

The idea seems to work if it weren't for Chef Skinner, who is a thorn in the side of Linguini. Skinner also seems to know the secret of Linguini's culinary art.


role Speaker (original) Speaker (German)
Remy Patton Oswalt Axel Malzacher
linguini Lou Romano Stefan Günther
Colette Janeane Garofalo Elisabeth von Koch
Skinner Ian Holm Gudo Hoegel
Auguste Gusteau Brad Garrett Donald Arthur