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Preliminary remark is not bound by opinion and allows other opinions to have their say.
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Prof. Homburg
>> “Lockdown was unnecessary and harmful,” says Prof. Homburg, Leibniz Uni - 2 videos + answer + interview

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In plain language: I have doubts! - by Jürgen Höller (1x video + video link for continuation "I SHOOT")
Professor Dr. rer. nat. Stefan W. Hockertz (1x video)
Dr. Wodarg (3x video + 1x link to Easter video 2020)
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi (1x video + 4x links to additional videos - Open letter)
Prof. Hendrik Streeck (1x video + quotes)
Prof. Karin Mölling (1x audio)

Opposing opinions
Prof. Drosten to Dr. Wodrag (1x video)

Dr. Wodarg receives content-related support from several colleagues.
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi comments in the video below.
The well-known Professor Dr. rer. nat. Stefan W. Hockertz took a position against the exaggerated handling of the Corona crisis (video a little further below).
Prof Streeck spoke up in a moderating way (see video and quotes below).
Prof. Karin Mölling agrees with the content of Dr. Wodarg too (audio almost at the bottom).
Prof. Drosten contradicts Dr. Wodarg (at the bottom).
There is a summary of critical aspects at Servus TV [9]

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by Klaus Öllerer

The current corona pandemic and the countermeasures against it will dramatically shake our previous living conditions. Many bankruptcies, lost jobs and a dramatic economic slump and much more are rolling towards us.
But is all of this really inevitable? In the following, specialist Dr. Wodarg on word, which clearly contradicts and from a medical point of view "no exceptional medical hazard“Can recognize. ZDF [3] and Bild [4] initially reported on his opinion. There are now numerous articles condemning his positions [5]. There is no fair discussion. Exclusion seems to be the prevailing principle.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is an internist and pulmonologist, specialist in hygiene and environmental medicine as well as in public health and social medicine.

There are now more professionals who Dr. Wodarg step in and support his positions - some or all. Some of these are listed below with videos.

Preliminary remark
Two years ago there was a wave of flu with a high death toll. It was the deadliest in 30 years. Died 25.100 People [1]. Again: twenty-five thousand one hundred!
Did the public even take notice at the time? What remains in memory: great silence.
Died in China 5.393 People until March 14th, 2020 [2].
25,100 in an “almost normal” flu wave here and 5,393 in the current catastrophic corona wave in China. Both waves have in common that around 80-90% of those infected survive the infection without any major symptoms of the disease. Only pre-stressed people get sick and a small proportion of them, probably less than one percent, die - according to previous knowledge.

In plain language: I have doubts! - by Jürgen Höller

Two different camps are currently discussing our current crisis.

I'm torn. I admit: I have doubts! I'm afraid! I do not know what is happening to me and to everyone else right now.

What is right? What is wrong?

B.Please write me your open opinion and dare to write what you think as a comment."(Accompanying text, >>

Continuation: >> I THROW THERE!

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Stefan W. Hockertz

No more dangerous than the influenza viruses you used to have


Quote: “It's not the virus that makes us sick, but fear!
The politicians' misleading claims of self-protection and wrong advice must be stopped as soon as possible.
Just because someone dies WITH Corona does not mean that he dies BECAUSE of Corona. Most of the dead died WITH Corona, but NOT BECAUSE of Corona!
Each influenza season kills up to 25,100 each year, but not a word about that is wasted in the media.
I even argue that the whole campaign (instead of the crisis) should mainly serve to celebrate the politicians as heroes in the end. But due to their rashly massive restrictions, our economic system and system of prosperity will be sustainably and massively damaged over a long period of time. ”End of quote >> v. March 24th, 2020 (radio)

Dr. Wodarg

Current video for Easter 2020:

Interview with Dr. Wodarg on March 23rd, 2020.

In the following, Dr. Wodarg already presented his point of view on March 13th, 2020.

Answers to questions on March 13th, 2020:

Towards the end of the video, Dr. Wodarg the politicians to inform themselves carefully on all sides. Source:
On his website, Dr. Wodarg has now responded to the allegations made against him

Statement for download:
Isolate alarmists - by Wolfgang Wodarg

There are news on the homepage. New: Interview with Radio Munich v. March 27, 2020: >>

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi

In the meantime, Dr. Wodarg support from a colleague, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. In the following video he takes a position, March 19, 2020.

Source for Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi: >>
Italy: Prof. Bhakdi's remarks on air pollution in Italy as the cause of the corona spread is confirmed by the following study:
>> Fine dust particles as virus vehicles

Further supplementary videos:
>> Vaccination against Covid-19 pointless - point.PRERADOVIC with Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

>> Talk special with Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - servus TV

>> Corona crisis: Open letter to the Federal Chancellor from Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi
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>> Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - Corona Addendum 1: Resilience of the health system

It is to be hoped that the other side of the debate is also ready for an objective discussion.

Prof. Hendrik Streeck

In the meantime, the virologist Prof. Hendrik Streeck (virologist at the University Clinic Bonn) has spoken in a somewhat mitigating manner. The interview took place on March 17th, 2020, before the Chancellor's speech and the current measures to block contacts.

Quote (05:00): "I think the federal government missed an opportunity here. You did not have a scientific discourse in advance: “What do we actually want to achieve?”. It is said in a very monothematic way at the moment "this and that" is now being introduced or we have to tighten the rules, but once no scientific discourse was allowed for society in advancewhat would be important in containment and what we want to achieve in the end. It would have been better - and the chance is not over yet - the question is whether we define it now - and it would have been good to define where we actually want to go in 14 days„.

Quotes from Prof. Streeck

If we hadn't noticed the virus, they might have said we had a severe flu epidemic this year.“ [6]

The new pathogen isn't all that dangerous, it's even less dangerous than Sars-1. The special thing is that Sars-CoV-2 replicates in the upper throat area and is therefore much more infectious because the virus jumps from throat to throat, so to speak. But this is exactly what has an advantage: Sars-1 replicates in the deep lungs, so it is not as infectious, but it always affects the lungs, which makes it more dangerous. Sars-2 goes to the lungs less often, which then leads to the more severe courses.“ [7]

The current study from Shenzhen, for example, also found that children are just as likely to be infected with the pathogen as adults, but that they only develop mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. If you follow the study and assume that 91 percent of Covid-19 only go through with mild or moderate symptoms, then the Italians initially only focused on the remaining nine percent. " [7]

But the number of deaths will also rise in Germany?
Definitely, but not for such apocalyptically high numbers as some of them are in circulation. You also have to take into account that the Sars-CoV-2 deaths in Germany were exclusively old people. In Heinsberg, for example, a 78-year-old man with previous illnesses died of heart failure without any lung involvement from Sars-2. Since he was infected, he naturally appears in the Covid 19 statistics. The question is whether he wouldn't have died anyway, even without Sars-2. Around 2500 people die every day in Germany, with twelve dead so far, there has been a connection to Sars-2 in the past three weeks. Of course people will still die, but I'll lean far out the window and say: It could well be that we won't have more deaths in 2020 than in any other year. " [7]

Prof. Karin Mölling

Karin Mölling, often cited as Moelling, is a German virologist who specializes in HIV. Among other things, she was professor and director of the Institute for Medical Virology at the University of Zurich and research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. [8th]

Opposing opinions

Prof. Drosten

comments on Dr. Wodrag.


See also >> Debate: Corona - quarantine for everyone or only people at risk or nobody?


[1] The flu wave was deadliest in 30 years

[2] Corona in China

[3] Frontal21: Corona and the consequences - between panic and pandemic
>> (PDF)

What is the right way to deal with Corona?
★★★ Even experts disagree ★★★

[5] Criticism of Dr. Wodarg
Bavarian radio
Corona virus: doctor makes many false claims
(on behalf of many other critical publications)

[6] Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE

[7] "We have discovered new symptoms"

[8] Karin Mölling

[9] Servus TV: Corona - Are doubts allowed?

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