To which civilization did the Asuras belong

The short asura are the most intelligent of the rational beings in Tyria, as they will be happy to tell you. This race of short, long-eared mad scientists are consistently brilliant at using and analyzing magic for their inventions and research.

The asura, once the undisputed rulers of a powerful underground civilization, were driven to the surface by the Great Destroyer, herald of the Elder Dragon Primordus. However, since their arrival there, the asura have flourished. Their proficiency in arcane science has enabled them to rebuild their civilization and to cultivate the Tainted Coast and the area beyond.

Now you can find their mystical technology all over the continent. Travelers and adventurers use the asura portals to travel safely from one end of Tyria to the other, and their golems perform duties ranging from unskilled labor to military missions.

The most outstanding physical example of the magical superiority of the asura is their vast city of Rata Sum. This huge floating cube, the interior of which is criss-crossed by corridors and passages, is home to the three colleges of the Asura, each of which pursues a different approach to unlocking the secrets of Eternal Alchemy.

Asura society is organized into so-called krus - loose research organizations that compete with one another. The asura thrive in competition. Each asura approaches their research with the confidence that comes from immense intelligence and unshakable confidence.

All of their success does not mean that the asura are immune to their own ambitions and internal conflicts. Unsurprisingly, the greatest danger comes from other asura. A superordinate Kru, known as the Inquestur, does not allow anyone or anything to stop it in the interests of its relentless research. A fact that makes them both extremely successful and downright dangerous. The goal of the Inquest is nothing less than to rule all of Tyria, including the Elder Dragons, and she will not let anyone or anything get in her way.

Since their rise to the surface of Tyria, the history of the asura has been crowned with success and triumph. Be it in the fight against the most adverse circumstances, constant threats, or the stupidity of the world. But there are far greater dangers lurking.

Your asura character

The most important decision any asura must make is the choice of college. The College of Statics trains the builders and architects of the Asura, the creators of their incredible floating buildings. The College of Dynamics is made up of hobbyists with a daring, sometimes dangerously enthusiastic, scientific approach. The College of Synergetics deals with theoretical research and its members consider themselves the great thinkers of the Asura.

Regardless of which college you choose, as you level up your Asura will gain access to a wide range of special skills that make use of the latest Asura technology. You will rush into the fray in a battle suit, summon gigantic golems to fight by your side, and wreak all kinds of alchemical havoc.

Your story begins in the province of Metrica, an area of ​​reclaimed jungle not far from Rata Sum, teeming with laboratories and competing krus. Here you will face the first of many trials of your ambition and ingenuity. Can you seize the opportunity and invent a better future for the Asura - and for all of Tyria?