Which technologies do banks use

Challenges of future technologies in banking

In the course of digitization, a wide variety of digital technologies are finding their way into banks and savings banks and are changing them permanently. They play an important role in ensuring future viability.

New technologies demand banks and savings banks in the digital transformation.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke, British science fiction writer and physicist

Even before the Corona crisis, digital technologies played an important role for the economy and society and thus also for banks and savings banks. As early as 2019, the Bank Blog pursued this question in a highly regarded series of articles on digital technology trends in banking. But technologies continue to evolve and new ones are added. So there are good reasons to take up the topic again.

Not all trends are relevant and the effects on the industry and on individual areas of a bank look different. A new series on the Bank Blog deals with the specific benefits and requirements that must be met in order to ensure future competitiveness. It illuminates current key technologies from different perspectives of the banking business. The aim is to show as concretely as possible what effects individual future technologies have on the industry as a whole, but also on certain areas of a credit institution.

The contributions will be published in parallel in three volumes as an e-book. You can find the first volume of the e-book "Application and Use of Future Technologies in Banking" here.

In the second volume you will find the following articles:

  • Smart data strategies for the corporate banking of the future (Lars Meinecke, Microsoft)
  • Process automation on a large scale is still stuck (Nicole Tranker, Yamina Mekibes, Alexander Suckow, Benedikt Thomas, Deloitte)
  • 2025: the 100 million bank account (Martin Stolberg, Sopra Steria)
  • NLP & News Analytics for real-time risk detection (Rainer Glaser, Oliver Wyman)
  • New ways in customer service through conversational AI (Stephan Schüssler, Nicole Tranker, Deniz Yilmaz, Niklas Baersch, Tobias Caliskan, Deloitte)
  • How artificial intelligence is changing the banking industry (Sebastian Maus, Roland Berger)
  • 5G - What does the cellular revolution mean for banking? (Stefan Muderack, Capgemini)
  • Big Data & Augumented Analytics - Failure, Hype or Trend That Will Stay? (Sandra Bauer, Marc Beierschoder, Deloitte)

In the following you will find a preview with a reading sample of the e-book:

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