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DFNconf - The conference service in the German Research Network

With the service DFNconf, DFN combines the services DFNVC and the DFN web conferencing service, which were operated side by side until 2018. Still stands Adobe Connect for z. B. Webinars in the DFNconf service available. You can also find all information about Adobe Connect in the associated tab.

Conference platform DFNconf

Employees of the TU Chemnitz have free access to the conference platform. At, first select your institution from the list of universities and log in to the Web Trust Center (WTC) with your login data.

You will see the list of your meeting rooms on your organizer portal and you can define additional rooms depending on the desired scenario. Depending on the selected meeting template, certain settings are predefined. These can be changed afterwards by selecting an individual meeting in the "Name" column. By default, meetings must be opened by the organizer. Only then can guests join the meeting room. Alternatively, the organizer can assign a guest PIN in the settings or not allow guests (so that all participants have organizer rights).

At the conference date, the conference can be started directly via the organizer portal by selecting the conference number. There are almost no restrictions on attending a conference. Employees, students and external guests (also international) can live in without an additional login.

To start the conference, a webcam must be connected to the PC / laptop. If required, this can be borrowed from the URZ's user service.

You can also find an overview and brief instructions for the DFNconf service in our blog at

Aligning a video conference with DFNconf (Pexip)

As the organizer / host of a conference, you tell all participants which conference solution should be used. The DFNconf conference service is available to all employees free of charge via the DFN. DFNconf makes it possible to create a virtual conference room. This conference room can be accessed via:

  • SIP and H.323 based room systems
  • standardized web-based solutions
  • mobile devices with the corresponding software app
  • Telephone dial-in
be used. Which dial-in option each participant decides on depends on whether the requirements can be met and what quality standards are set for the conference.


1st possibility - use of room systems


  • High quality video and audio quality
  • The system is immediately ready for use
  • Supports various dial-up options
    • H.323 and SIP protocols
    • Dial-in via IP address or SIP URI
  • Large groups of up to 15 people possible ad hoc (additional microphones required for more participants)


  • Systems are location-bound and cannot be used variably
  • Conference room must be available
  • Tests are necessary before the first conference to get to know the technology


Create a new meeting or use an existing meeting room in the: DFNconf portal

Enter the 0049100 as a phone number.
If the room system offers the option of entering a SIP URI then @

2nd option - use of web-based solutions


  • The system is immediately ready for use
  • Dial-in directly via web browser (link to the conference)
  • Freely selectable location
  • No installation necessary
  • Few connection problems due to browser usage


  • Video and audio quality mediocre (headset highly recommended)
  • Tests to check the video / audio quality are necessary before each conference
  • effective only for individuals or groups of up to three people


Create a new meeting or use an existing meeting room in the: DFNconf portal

The conference is right over in the browser reachable.

3rd option - use of mobile devices with the appropriate software app


  • App are matched to the hardware in the mobile device
  • Freely selectable location
  • Can also be used via mobile data


  • Audio quality mediocre as it depends on ambient noise
  • effective only for individuals or groups of up to three people


Create a new meeting or use an existing meeting room in the: DFNconf portal

Install the Pexip app from the corresponding store for Android or iOS.
To dial in, enter @ a.

4th possibility - use of telephone dial-in


  • Good audio quality
  • Stable audio connection


  • No video connection
  • Dialing-in can incur country-specific costs


Create a new meeting or use an existing meeting room in the: DFNconf portal

Dial the number 0049 30 200

More information about the service DFNconf can also be found on the DFN website at

You are invited to a video conference

If you are invited to participate in a conference, the host usually provides the conference solution.

The URZ does not offer any support for the use of the Skype software. You can read why you shouldn't use Skype in your work environment in the information provided by the Viktas group at

To participate in a web-based conference you will usually receive a link that is valid at the time of the conference. All you need is a computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone or webcam.
Please refer to the invitation or ask the host whether it is also possible to dial in via a SIP URL with a video conference system.

Get a SIP URI or IP address for a Video conferencing system, please inquire about the type of system and arrange a test date with the host and inform the URZ using the form at You can use one of six room systems for the conference.

If you get access to a DFNconf conference, you can participate from any video conference system or you can use your PC / laptop for web-based participation. If you just want to listen and not interact, you can also dial in by phone.

If you are unsure how to attend your host's conference, please contact us by email at support @ ...