How are the ShiftWear shoes made

Shoes that lace themselves

1984: Adidas launches the first shoe with a pedometer

Shoe innovation made in Germany. In 1984 the company from Herzogenaurach managed to bring one of the very first smart shows to the market: “Micropacer”. Back then, the model could:

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  • Counting steps
  • measure the calorie consumption

Of course, it could not be controlled via a mobile application, but it was still ahead of the times. Instead of shoelaces there was that Display on the tongue of the shoein order to be able to read the steps and calories skillfully. Today the shoe no longer exists in this form. But other manufacturers used Adidas' enthusiasm for innovation as a drive to bring their own smart shoe models onto the market.

Nike and how it all started with self-lacing shoes

In the world-famous film “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly already wore shoes that hardly anyone thought would become reality in the 1980s: self-lacing. A lot has happened in the meantime, also in the minds of shoe designers. A few years ago, Nike launched a shoe with the “HyperAdapt 1.0” that through many exciting features impresses, including:

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  • Sensory system in the heel
  • automatic lacing
  • custom-fit shape

In the meantime, the brand has invested even more in innovations and even its own App for control of a shoe.

Nike Adapt App - control shoes with your smartphone

Anyone looking for a completely new, smart type of shoe is with the Nike Adapt models right at the front. The highlight: They can be opened or closed via the app and adjusted precisely. If you want, you can even use defined modes:

Each mode is set individually for the foot and adapts to the shape with millimeter precision. The control can not only take place via the smartphone, but also, for example, via the Apple Watch. In addition to the The app control has the ultimate fit even more interesting features around the shoe. These include, for example:

  • Choice of different colors
  • Check charge status

Tip: The shoe comes in 13 different colors on request. If you want, you can use it without lighting. To do this, the light mode is simply switched offline.

Smart sneakers bring design to your feet

As a pioneer in smart shoe solutions, Nike pioneered the more smart shoe models leveled. A company already laid the foundation in 2015 by means of crowdfunding and successfully raised money for its shoe idea. However, this is not about self-closing sneakers, but rather about exciting designs.

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Shiftwear is the name of the shoe, which is also controlled via an app. However, this is about the individual designs that each Put it on your shoe using the app can. In addition to photos, you can also choose from videos, which can be seen either as a sequence or a continuous loop on the shoe. This has never happened before.

That's why smart shoes are not without it

Despite enormous technological advances, there are only very few smart shoes and there is a reason for that. The intelligent models are unique and exciting, but not only have advantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages of smart shoes

  • unique design
  • for all technology fans
  • Operation via app
  • changeable colors
  • high price
  • Selection of shoe models (still) small

Intelligent shoes rethought: Fit Intelligence (Fi)

Puma also has a self-lacing training shoe. The Fit Intelligence not only looks beautiful, but also is aimed primarily at athletes. It is equally suitable for running training or work-out. The highlight: the closure of the shoelaces with an app. Of course, the athletes can also customize the shoe and simply use their smartwatch or smartphone.

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The shoe works with a battery, which is loaded through the sole. The advantage: Puma has further developed the charging technology so that it works wirelessly via Qi. The custom-fit configuration is of course available free of charge for Apple and Android users.

Smart shoes for regeneration

The intelligent shoe models should not only look good and be comfortable. No, the technology goes on and on, so do the shoes associated with a regenerative benefit become. A manufacturer from the USA is working on a model that has small pulse generators.

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The impulses are supposed to stimulate the veins so that the regeneration performance is improved. The Impulse from a remote controlwhich apply pressure every 20 or 35 seconds, depending on the desired frequency. This is to stimulate the blood circulation. There is one disadvantage: the school wearers would still have to lace up themselves, even though the classic shoelaces do not even exist in this case.

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Shoes that lace themselves
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