How do you bleach black clothes

Anti-fading tricks: this is how black clothes really stay black

If we stand in front of our wardrobe in the morning and just don't know what to wear, there is one item that always works. And that's mostly black. No wonder, after all, black clothes always look somehow chic. Fashionistas even celebrate the non-color with their own hashtag. Black all-over looks are celebrated under #allblackeverything.

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These tricks prevent fading

But back to the real problem with black clothing: the issue of fading. After a few laps in the washing machine, our favorite deep black items take on a sad gray veil. How do you prevent that in the future? With THESE 5 ingenious tricks!

Trick # 1: Only wash when absolutely necessary

Sounds banal, but it's true: the less often a part ends up in the washing machine, the longer it will look good. Since not only dirt but also some color is rinsed from the fabric with every wash, you should only wash your clothes - especially black ones - when absolutely necessary.

Incidentally, this also applies to jeans - especially black models. You should really only wash it if it is actually dirty. Better: hang jeans out in the fresh air overnight after wearing them.

Our tip: If the jeans are stain-free, but slowly start to smell, then put them in the freezer overnight. The cold kills the bacteria that are responsible for the stink.

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Hack # 2: set black paint with vinegar

To prevent your black clothes from losing color while washing, you should use vinegar. Yes, that's right: it ensures that the color is fixed in the fibers and therefore does not fade so easily.

Simply soak the black part in a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water before washing - preferably overnight. Don't worry: the vinegar will disappear during the subsequent wash cycle.

Hack # 3: Use Special Black Laundry Detergent

So that your black clothes don't turn gray after washing, you should wash them with special detergent. A mild detergent or a special detergent for dark items is best. Normal detergents are usually too aggressive for black clothing and gradually fade them.

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Hack # 4: choose the gentle cycle

Black clothes lose color very quickly when washed. Therefore, you should not wash your favorite parts too hot under any circumstances - 30 degrees are completely sufficient. The gentle cycle is even better. In addition: Always wash black parts only with other black parts and turn inside out before washing to protect the outer surface from fading.

Hack # 5: No to the dryer

Get out of the washing machine and into the dryer? Better not! At least when it comes to black clothing. Because the heat from the dryer damages the fibers and causes them to lose their color. Therefore: It is better to let dark clothing air dry. Nice side effect: You save electricity and money.

What to do if the black clothes are gray

It's already happened: your black clothes have faded? Don't worry, that doesn't mean that it has to end up in the next used clothes container. If your black clothes are no longer black, you can easily re-dye them with a special dye from the drugstore.

It is important to note that the dye must match the material. If this is not the case, the fibers may not absorb the color or the result may be blotchy. So be sure to check the clothing label before re-dyeing it black.

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