Can an elephant pull an A380 plane?

The Airbus A380 lands in Vienna: facts about the giant bird

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After a long wait, the Emirates Airbus A380 from Dubai will arrive on July 1st as a scheduled flight to Vienna-Schwechat for the first time. The travel search engine took this as an opportunity to summarize the most important facts about the giant of the air.

At first glance, the A380 captivates the viewer with its size. With a height of 24 meters, the plane is almost as high as the Schönbrunn Palm House in Vienna (25 meters) and weighs 369 tons (with empty tank), more than 60 adult African elephants.

When fully fueled at take-off, the Airbus weighs 575 tons - the Jumbo Jet (Boeing 747) weighs only 378 tons in comparison. The span is 80 meters and is therefore over 10 meters wider than a football field (69 meters) and about twice as long as a blue whale. There are a total of 187 copies of the giant planes worldwide, which are in use by 13 different airlines (as of April 2016). In Austria, Emirates is the first airline to use the giant bird, and it is the largest A380 operator in the world.

A real flight experience for passengers and flight crew

With a maximum seating capacity of 853 passengers, 220 windows and 16 exits on a total area of ​​4,400 square meters, the two-story aircraft offers many special features. Among other things, passengers have plenty of generous stowage space for luggage on the side walls, and the seat spacing in all classes is among the largest in the industry. In the first class there is a comfort cabin where passengers can retreat in peace.

But not only is the plane itself big, the entertainment on board is also oversized. Over 2,500 channels of the on-board entertainment program ice at Emirates ensure that the flight with the giant bird is not boring. And if you want to quickly find a hotel for your destination, you can do so from the plane thanks to free WiFi on the plane of the airline from Dubai.

So that the flight crew can also enjoy their work, the Airbus offers a spacious quiet zone for the 21 flight attendants on board. (red, June 21, 2016)