How do you treat a knee injury

Footballer injuries

Sports injuries are part of everyday life for every footballer. Also for our world champion favorite Manuel Neuer from FC Bayern Munich. Some time ago he had to end the team training early because he had severe pain in his knee. The expert Helmut M. K. Weiberlenn from Hamburg explains how knee injuries arise and how they can be treated.

Our knees are exposed to constant stress. When climbing stairs alone, they have to withstand several times our body weight. Just like dancing, running, jumping etc. The knee joint is a true high-performance joint, which perfectly unites ligaments, tendons, muscles, menisci, kneecaps and bones in order to cope with these loads. However, this structure can wear out over time. Not only older people are at risk, but also athletes.

What are the most common knee injuries?

The acute meniscus tear

An acute meniscus tear is usually the result of a previous knee injury. It is caused by excessive twisting of the joint, as is often the case in sports. In the case of a meniscus tear, the anterior cruciate ligament tear is usually also affected.

Injuries to the ligaments

These injuries are caused by extreme forces acting on the knee joint, for example in the event of a fall. The anterior cruciate ligament and the inner ligament are often affected. A distinction is made between a crack, a partial crack and a strain. The most severe form is the anterior cruciate ligament tear on the knee, as it has to be operated on frequently.

Knee fractures and fractures

Fractures and fractures are often caused by a serious twisting injury, indirect blows to the bone, a fall, or an accident.

The kneecap dislocation

The kneecap can twist outwards, which can damage the cartilage and soft tissues.

What are emergency measures in the event of a knee injury?

Immediately immobilize the affected knee joint and do not put any more weight on it, cool the joint with cold packs, for example, apply a compression bandage and elevate the knee to prevent swelling.

Why are knee supports more effective?

So that swelling doesn't stand a chance in the next few days, I recommend a knee bandage. Compared to a classic bandage, a bandage has the great advantage that it exerts targeted pressure on the nearby tissue and on the joint. In addition, it does not cut in and does not slip. This not only prevents swelling, but also prevents fluid from accumulating. Another important effect is faster healing, as the bandage improves blood circulation, which means that the tissue is better supplied. Bandages with side bars, which stabilize and relieve the joint, are particularly recommended.

What is adequate prevention of knee injuries?

Regular and effective exercise is essential to preventing knee injuries. Sports like cycling or swimming strengthen the muscles in the knee. Obesity is also a major risk factor as it puts unnecessary stress on the knees. The knee is particularly stressed when crouching, and heel and lotus positions from yoga practice also favor knee injuries.

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