Is Vladimir Putin a tyrant?

So far, no congratulations to Biden - The Silence of the Tyrants

Chancellor Angela Merkel (66), French President Emmanuel Macron (42), the Prime Ministers of Israel, England, Canada and India Benjamin Netanyahu (71), Boris Johnson (56), Justin Trudeau (48) and Narendra Modi. (70) ... The list of heads of state who have directly or indirectly congratulated the Democrat Joe Biden (77) on his election victory is long.

But such is the case with those who have so far been coolly silent. It is made up of autocrats and murderous dictators. North Korea's Kim Jong-un (36), the Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan (66), China's President Xi Jinping (67) and above all Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin (68).

When Donald Trump (74) beat Hillary Clinton (72) four years ago, the Russian President sent a congratulatory telegram to the winner within a few hours.

This time the former KGB agent is in no hurry.

"Putin is a good soldier and does not wag his tail at his enemies," prominent Kremlin analyst Sergei A. Markov told the New York Times about the difference between 2016 and 2020.

But that alone does not explain it. Rather, Putin seems to be preparing for a new ice age between Moscow and Washington. With good reason.

Although Trump never fulfilled Russian hopes for rapprochement between Washington and Moscow, his first foreign policy was largely in line with the Kremlin's wishes. He had questioned and weakened the Western alliance. And he watched Russia expand its influence in the world.

President-elect Joe Biden, on the other hand, left no doubt during the election campaign that he sees Russia as one of the greatest security threats to the United States. He promises to rebuild tense relations with European allies. And he had already worked actively as Vice President of Barack Obama (59) to support pro-Western politicians in Ukraine - a country at war with Russia.

Another thing that might be a thorn in Putin's side: His most dangerous domestic opponent, opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, wished Joe Biden and the elected Vice President Kamala Harris all the best on Twitter. He congratulated the Americans on a “free and fair election” - an indirect swipe at Putin's regime, which had repeatedly tried to manipulate the US elections.

Indeed, there was criticism of the American election in Moscow. "There we have it. The notorious Deep State that Trump wanted to eliminate, "commented Russian TV commentator Mikhail Leontjew (62), who made a career under Putin with his harsh criticism of the West, commented on Joe Biden's victory on Saturday.

The Putin confidante added: “We wouldn't care if these people didn't try to interfere in all of our affairs. And the alleged winner has made it his business to interfere in affairs around the world. "

On the other hand, of course, Putin distanced himself from Trump in the past few months, in which a Biden victory became more and more apparent. For example, he had denied the Republican an important foreign policy victory when he refused to renegotiate the last remaining nuclear weapons agreement between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Putin is not the only despot who has so far been silent about Biden's victory. North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un has also remained silent so far. Trump was the first President of the United States to meet a member of the murderous dynasty, thereby increasing Kim's international status - without making any concessions. Kim said of Biden: "He has a low IQ."

So far, China's President Xi has not received any congratulations either. But he is likely to be one of the autocrats who at least do not regret a Trump defeat, because the Republican had waged a bitter trade war against Beijing and blamed Xi's regime for the corona pandemic. But Biden is likely to continue Trump's tough China course.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, who pursues the same corona policy as America's current president and is nicknamed Tropical Trump, has so far also waived congratulations. The same applies to Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (35). Trump had refrained from criticizing him after the brutal contract killing of the dissident Jamal Khashoggi because he wanted him to continue as an ally in the Middle East.

The world will be watching with excitement how the next US president will deal with the tyrants of the world ...