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LinkedIn & Xing - The benefits of social media in recruiting

In the 21st century, in times of globalization, internationalization, the Internet and social media, there is hardly an industry that can still avoid the common channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing. “A curse,” say some; “A blessing”, the others - and in practical everyday life the truth lies somewhere in between.

When looking for new employees, the Internet with Xing and LinkedIn offers virtually unlimited possibilities: While Xing is still a focal point in terms of recruiting, especially for employers and employees in the DACH region, its competitor LinkedIn impresses with its significantly more international orientation. However, both platforms will never be able to replace personal contact.

LinkedIn: International and diversified

In the past two years, the American social network LinkedIn has clearly established itself in German-speaking countries. Employees take advantage of LinkedIn's opportunity to be present. For us headhunters, LinkedIn is a kind of “all-purpose tool” when searching for potential candidates. Especially for management positions at the C-level - e.g. Managing Director, Director of Sales, CEO, CFO and the like - LinkedIn offers a large pool of international, multilingual specialists. If special language skills are required or you want to fill positions abroad, the platform is one of the first points of contact.

But even if you are not currently looking for a job, networking with LinkedIn, which is sometimes also called "Business Facebook", can be of great advantage: The tide can turn quickly, regardless of whether you yourself have a new professional challenge is looking for or would like to fill a position in your own company.

Sales experts and specialists can also be found more and more on LinkedIn, who until recently were mostly networked on Xing.

Xing: specialists from the DACH region

Xing is still the market leader in German-speaking countries - but LinkedIn is catching up with great strides. The rapidly increasing number of members of the US competitor has exerted a certain innovative spirit from Xing, which has definitely breathed life into the network again in the last one or two years. In my daily work, I had the impression that Xing is well aware that it needs updates and adjustments in order to keep up with the US giant LinkedIn.

Small but nice, you could say about Xing, especially when it comes to the search for employees: Not only the pricing is very attractive here, the members also (still) serve a different market than LinkedIn, especially when special specialists for the German-speaking one Job market to be sought.

In the DACH region, Xing will continue to fulfill its tasks in the future and will not disappear immediately. But ultimately, LinkedIn will become stronger and stronger thanks to the international touch that the platform offers and will also assert itself more and more in the German-speaking market.

It's all in the mix

In our day-to-day work, we headhunters cannot avoid either of the two channels - and use them as balanced as possible when compared to one another.

When looking for the right employee, we search for keywords based on the job profile, filtered by specific industries and positions, in order to effectively narrow down the online search. You have a huge amount of data available, you can contact us quickly, even without an email address or telephone number, and find potentially suitable candidates relatively easily. However, I never have the guarantee that the members I contact via LinkedIn or Xing actually maintain their profiles - in case of doubt, they have long ceased to work for the specified company or only log in monthly or even less often to check incoming messages retrieve. So there is always a certain risk in betting on social media. Nevertheless, they are an excellent addition when looking for qualified personnel.

In the end, however, the most important thing is how things continue after the initial contact after communication via the online channels. And at this point there is still nothing better than a personal conversation, on the phone or at a meeting to actually assess whether a candidate is a good fit for the company. No online profile can convey these personal nuances exchanged in this way.

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