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KUDEM congratulates all Muslims on the occasion of the beginning of the Holy Three Months and the Raġāʾib Night

On Saturday, February 13th, 2021 we write the 1st Raǧab according to the Islamic calendar and thus enter a particularly blessed time, the time of the Holy Three Months (Raǧab, Šaʿbān and Ramaḍān).

The holy three months begin with the blessed Raġāʾib night (Arabic: lailat ar-Raġāʾib, Turkish: Regaib Kandili), which this year is celebrated on the night of February 18, 2021 from Thursday to Friday. The Raġā’ib Night is the first of the special nights in the Holy Three Months. Since the month of Raǧab, together with the Raġāʾib night, heralds the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the Messenger of God used to pray during this time as follows: “O Lord, bless us Raǧab and Šaʿbān and lead us into Ramadan” (Aḥmad b.Ḥanbal, al-Musnad, 1/259). By recommending that this supplication be offered in the same way, he drew attention to the importance and function of these months. They should prepare the believers physically and spiritually for the month of Ramadan and encourage them to devote themselves more intensively to worship and remembrance of God (ḏikr) and to approach the Lord. Because these are the months in which acts of worship (ʿibādāt) are repeatedly rewarded, supplications are answered and sins are forgiven. In the Islamic tradition, this time is also honored as the climax of charity, helpfulness and tolerance. Therefore, we should not waste this opportunity, but make the best use of this special time, surrender repentantly to God and compete in good.

With this in mind, we congratulate all Muslims on the beginning of the Blessed Three Months and wish them a contemplative and peaceful Raġāʾib night. May this period bring mankind a life of peace, unity and harmony, guide them to more benevolence and compassion, and bring about the end of all violence and oppression. We also thank God that he has made it possible for us to experience this valuable time again and at the same time we pray that we can experience this special time next year as well.