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Peanut Butter - Why you should always have a jar of peanut butter at home

On bread, in a smoothie, with savory sauces or just plain - peanut butter always works. We will show you that it is not only an absolute all-rounder on the spoon, but also has a lot to offer.

Peanut butter - all the best from a glass

Peanut butter is really popular - especially in the kitchen. She delivers to you Proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, Fiber and many different nutrients.

What very few people know: Peanut butter is not only a real all-rounder when it comes to nutrition, it can also help you solve your everyday problems.

Our tip: Make sure that your peanut butter is not a sham. There's nothing in it that doesn't belong there. Our Peanut butter consists of 350 peanuts - nothing more. That means it is naturally lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. Without added oil, flavor or artificial additives.

For peanut butter

Peanut butter provides that extra portion of protein

Depending on the manufacturer, peanut butter provides you with a high protein content. Specifically, that means that at least 20% of the energy content Make proteins out.

As the building blocks of our cells, they are made up of various amino acids. 9 of them are essential. Since you cannot make them yourself, you have to rely on them to be taken in through food. So peanut butter provides your muscles with extra power *!

Peanut Butter gives you a real boost of energy for your athletic performance and is ideal for your fitness kitchen. Are you looking for the perfect pre-workout snack? Be sure to try this Dream duo date and peanut out.

A load of good fat

Peanut butter is full of vegetable fats. To be more precise monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Your body cannot do without unsaturated fatty acids. Because here they take on important processes.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Do you regularly push your limits in training? Then it is particularly important for your well-being body that you provide it with important nutrients. Peanuts naturally provide you with a portion of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B3 and vitamin E.

Peanut Butter: Valuable Calories

A spoonful of peanut butter before training or in between, as a topping or in porridge. We know it: Before we know it, the whole glass of peanut butter is empty.

Remember, peanut butter is also full of calories. As with everything, the following applies: Enjoy in moderation and not in masses.

However, if you've eaten a spoonful too much peanut butter, don't forget: it provides you with a lot of calories, but most of the calories come from them unsaturated fats, vegetable proteinsand Fiber. A relatively small proportion of the calories are supplied by carbohydrates.

The full load of peanuts in your bathroom

Are you one of those people who always have a glass of peanut butter at home? Perfect, then we'll show you what else you can do with it.

Moisture for your skin and hair

For us, Me Time also means paying extra attention to our skin and hair.

The Biotin from peanuts makes an important contribution to the preservation of your skin and hair. In addition to that, worry vegetable proteins and Fats for providing them with sufficient moisture.

Our tip is therefore to use peanut butter as a hair conditioner or face mask. To do this, heat up some peanut butter in a container in the microwave. That makes them a little softer and easier to spread. Then, carefully distribute them along the lengths of your hair. Let it sit for at least 1 hour, if not longer. It is important that you rinse everything thoroughly afterwards.

As a face mask, we recommend mixing 1–2 tablespoons of peanut butter with the same amount of honey. Applied to the cleansed face, leave on for about 15 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly.

The vitamin E in peanuts helps keep your skin from drying out and provides it with enough moisture. In combination with honey, the face mask is also given an antibacterial effect. This will help cleanse your skin and cleanse pores.

Peanut butter - the household all-rounder

Chewing gum on the carpet, in your hair or in your clothes: super annoying and can hardly be removed without tools.

Peanut butter is the insider tip. Simply distribute them in the area to be treated. The fatty acids help break down the gum. This will allow you to comb it out with a comb or an old toothbrush.

You can see whether in the kitchen or in the household: we can't get enough of peanut butter.

Would you like more recipes with an extra portion of peanut? Then be sure to have a look our favorite recipes at.

* Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass and to the maintenance of muscle mass.

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