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Classic headgear is disappearing from the public eye, new fashions such as the baseball cap or cap shapes influenced by South American appear and replace the stiff hat, the flat cap, the Elbe sailor. Even women's hats are now more exotic appearances that we know from wedding photos in the tabloid press. The art and cultural history Rosgartenmuseum Konstanz is dedicating an entertaining and vivid journey through the history of fashion and meaning of headgear to these phenomena of the zeitgeist: hats, hoods, helmets, caps, traditional items and official costumes tell of the functions and deep symbolism of headdress. In addition to objects from everyday history, military showpieces, baptismal bonnets and elegant women's hats from the 17th to 20th centuries from the rich collection of the Rosgarten Museum and from private and public lenders, headgear from famous people can be seen: Among other things, original pieces by Prince Otto von Bismarck, Grand Duke Friedrich I., the poets Eduard Mörike, Viktor von Scheffel, Erich Kästner and Heinrich Hansjakob, Kaspar Hauser, Hermann Hesse, Otto Dix, Konrad Adenauer, Pope John Paul II and other celebrities. The show tells stories about crowned regents, helmeted warriors, romantically clad revolutionaries and unadjusted minds of history.

Source: Ursula Benkoe


June 14, 2011

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