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Criminology - a fascinating field

Crime - we encounter it everywhere. The media report anew every day about murder and manslaughter, lies and deceit, robbery and assault ... What is behind it? Why does a "normal" person become a criminal? Why are there serial and repeat offenders? What drives a serial killer or serial rapist to do such terrible acts? Why are there so many more crimes and criminal offenses in some places, while other regions have very low crime rates? What do these questions have to do with education, psychology, sociology, anthropology, law or economics?

How are individual criminal cases solved? What role do psychology and life sciences play in this?

Criminology deals with precisely these questions. A criminology course introduces you to the science of crime and crime policy. You will learn impressive facts about the procedures of the specialists in the prevention, control and investigation of criminal cases and you will understand the background to crime much better.

Some courses are aimed at laypeople and do not require any specific prior knowledge. Others, on the other hand, were explicitly designed for specialists and require relevant professional experience or vocational training.

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