You can wash coconut mats

How do you clean floor mats and dirt control mats?

How you clean a doormat depends primarily on the dirt-trapping mat itself.

To be clarified is z. B: Is it a synthetic fiber mat, which back does it have, is it a coconut mat, a metal dirt mat, a rubber mat or a spaghetti mat?

Why should you clean floor mats regularly at all?

  • To extend the life of the mats through the reduced wear and tear of the fibers
  • To maintain the effectiveness of the mats over a long period of time and to prevent dirt and moisture from being carried into the building by the mat
  • Especially important for companies: To improve the overall impression of the entrance areas - this is where the first impression of the company is created for visitors.

Cleaning of dirt mats for outside

Spaghetti mats, metal mats / aluminum mats, artificial coconut mats, all-weather mats and rubber mats are rel. undemanding when it comes to cleaning. Depending on the degree of soiling and soiling, you can simply sweep it off, pick it up and remove the dirt underneath or spray it off with the water hose or the high-pressure cleaner. If dirt still adheres, you can rub it off with a cloth / brush and a little soapy water. Then turn it upright and let it dry - done.

Cleaning coconut mats

Coconut mats are intended for roofed outdoor areas and should not be completely soaked (or if so, allow them to dry out again). You can comb it out with a coarse brush or vacuum the dry coconut mat with a vacuum cleaner. Or you just knock them out - dry dirt then falls out. Coconut mats should not necessarily be hosed down - if it cannot be avoided at all, they must be placed vertically afterwards to dry.
Specific tips on cleaning coconut mats and coconut runners can be found via the link at the end of the post.

Cleaning of textile fiber mats for inside

This is where things get a little more complicated. On the one hand, it has to be clarified what material it is (synthetic fiber or cotton) and what material the back is made of (vinyl or rubber). In addition, of course, the size of the mat is crucial - a mat that is larger than 50 x 80 cm is usually difficult to put in your own washing machine.
Backs: A vinyl backing can become brittle and burst when cleaned in the washing machine. Exceptions are the special vinyl materials, which are marked as machine-washable by the manufacturer. A rubber backing can usually be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30-40 ° C.
Synthetic fibers or cotton as pile could be washed in the machine, but here the back or the ´critical factor´ has to be considered.

Most floor mats are made of synthetic fiber and have a vinyl backing

We recommend tapping and vacuuming for normal cleaning (also possible with a vacuum cleaner) or, in the case of heavy soiling, cleaning with a carpet foam (device). In summer, you could just put the mats outside and hose them off or wash them in the bathtub - then let them dry well. These floor mats are less suitable for the washing machine - not even for dry cleaning.

High quality synthetic fiber mats with rubber backing

Synthetic fiber mats with rubber backing can often be cleaned in the washing machine, use a gentle detergent and do not use temperatures above 40 ° C (better than 30 ° C)
Do not spin dry or in the dryer - take it out of the machine while it is wet and hang it up. Or you can clean these dirt mats like the vinyl-backed mats.

Cotton mats

In principle, cotton mats can be put in the washing machine, but the back often suffers here too. If the machine, then 30 ° C and gentle detergent, do not spin either.
It is better to simply knock it out and vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner - but do not use the brushing program or the tapping program here. Alternatively, you can wash them out by hand in the bathtub and then let them dry off.

We have special washable dirt control mats in our range.

Here you can download the guide `How to clean doormats´
Here you will find the tips for cleaning coconut mats and coconut runners

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