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Pokémon 10 - The Rise of Darkrai

Pokémon 10 - The Rise of Darkrai

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SurnamePokémon 10 - The Rise of Darkrai

劇場版 ポ ケ ッ ト モ ン ス タ ー ダ イ ヤ モ ン ド ・ パ ー ル デ ィ ア ル ガ VS パ ル キ ア VS ダ ー ク ラ イ

Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai
Release datesJapan: 07/14/2007 (cinema) - 12/21/2007 (DVD)
America: February 24, 2008 (TV) - May 27, 2008 (DVD)
Europe: 12. 12. 2008 (on free TV on RTL 2)
Supporting film
Legendary PokémonDialga

Supporting film

Unfortunately, there is no supporting film in the tenth Pokémon movie on DVD. The supporting film is available separately.

Main film

Our heroes are about to travel to the city of "Alamos Town" when Ash and his friends discover the city in the middle of a large lake! Reaching the bridge would take too long! Fortunately, a hot air balloon suddenly appears with a woman and a panflam that our friends are happy to take with them! Of course, Brock falls in love with her again and demands her name. As we learn, this is "Alice". Of course, our friends will also discover a huge tower! Alice tells them he's Space-time tower and was built 100 years ago by a researcher named Godey! In addition, Alice also demonstrated her musical skills on a reed flute! As she lets this sound out, a pigeon yoga comes by that shows you from which direction the wind is coming! Competitions are also held in the middle of the tower! It shows our friends the city straight away and we are confronted with the last stages of development of the starters in a few fight scenes!

After this little trip into town, Alice shows our friends a beautiful garden. The Pokemon of our friends get along wonderfully with the wild Pokemon and make full use of the park. Piplup wants to pick a berry from a tree, but every time he tries to pick berries, a different Pokemon comes to him and snaps it from under his nose! Sheinux and Plinfa are now fighting over the last one! By pushing and tugging, the two stumble and land on Pachirisu, which immediately lets go of a shock. The Pokemon quarrel and quarrel and have already formed fronts when Alice became aware of the noise and lets her flute sound! Suddenly, all the Pokemon went quiet again and made up. After this beautiful music, a Galagladi rushes over and leads Ash and Co. to a place where the pillars below have been destroyed! Shortly afterwards another person appeared, this person called himself "Baron Alberto" and made it clear to our friends that it could only be about Darkrai's work! A rustling in the bushes startles Baron Alberto and immediately orders his Schlurpleck to aim at the bushes with a hyperbeam! Unfortunately, it was not Darkrai but "Tonio" a scientist and apparently more than just a friend for Alice, who immediately takes care of him!

Tonio tells us why he came here and we learn that he noticed a change in time and space! A shadow suddenly rises from the ground that our friends with the words: Don't come here! want to stop. Of course, Baron Alberto attacks immediately with his Schlurplek! Of course, Darkrai doesn't put up with that and evades. It is about to attack Schlurplek with the Nightmare attack, but when it accidentally catches Ash and he wakes up in a dream world!

Ash meets Darkrai in the dream who repeats the same words. Ash sees a few figures! But when Pikachu sees it is being swallowed, it runs to Pikachu! Ash suddenly wakes up at the Pokemon Center due to a power surge from Pikachu!

He tells Lucia, Brock, Alice, Tonio and Sister Joy what happened in his dream. Sister Joy explains to them that if you fall asleep near Darkrai, you will be tormented by nightmares. Meanwhile, Tonio suddenly finds out that the floor of the Pokemon Center has warped and that this can only be related to the events they met earlier. Immediately he makes his way to his laboratory. But as absorbed as he is, he runs against the wall in the hallway.

As Tonio continues to research space-time warping in his laboratory, he finds a picture of Alicia, the grandmother of Alice and Godey the scientist who built the towers, in an old Godey diary. While Tonio reads the passage in the book, the picture changes to the past and in the garden see how suddenly a Luxtra and other Pokemon are attacked. When Alicia sees that Darkai goes down there, she helps him. Darkrai promises that it can stay here as the garden is there for everyone. So he also finds out that the time-space towers were only created for the song "Oracion"!

We suddenly see the well-known 3 Team Rocket members in a conversation with Alberto, during which they pretend to be making a documentary about the Baron and therefore want to accompany him. The conceited baron of course buys the story from them immediately and so Team Rocket are now busy following the baron and making a "documentary".

At the beginning of the next day you see Lucia buying a dream catcher, because she thinks she is avoiding nightmares. In the laboratory below the Zeit-Raum tower, our friends are about to visit Tonio when they suddenly see his feet lying on the ground. Behind the table they notice Tonio lying there. In a panic, Alice tries to wake Tonio up. When he finally regains consciousness, it is shown that he fell asleep on the floor, tired only from overwork. After a short exchange of words, Tonio shows Alice the picture with her grandmother Alicia and Godey. Alice rotates the photo and finds notes on the back of the picture. And a symbol. In this deepened moment, however, Piplup falls down a metal plate, Pikachu still catches her, but Pikachu also stumbled until she luckily caught Ash. Ash and Co. naturally want to know immediately what the round plates are all about. Tonio tells them that these records are music records. These music records are used in the tower when special celebrations take place. Of course, our friends want to try it out right away. Just bad luck that the device that can play the music records is at the top of the tower. Our friends set off immediately and Lucia holds the music record in her hand. Ash wants to run a race and whoever manages to reach the top of the tower first. When Ash can't see the others anymore and is already very high up with Pikachu, he suddenly sees his friends in Alice's balloon, who is driving them to the top of the tower. Ash wants to come with me, of course. But because of the fact that he is still in! Tower and the others are outside of it can not go with it, he has to climb the rest of the way. We see that Lucia made it to the top with the others and the music record. At that moment, the totally exhausted Ash and his Pikachu arrive at the top of the tower. Just in time to see how the music record was used by Lucia. When the current flows into the plates, the tower begins to play the music. You can hear a beautiful song.

Back down on the ground, we see the 3 trainers again who have their 3 starters at the last stage of development and challenge our friends to a rematch. Of course, our friends don't let that go by the rags and then they start fighting again. Suddenly the sequence changes to Dialga and Palkia who are fighting in an intermediate dimension. In an attack by Dialga, Palkia is injured and at the last moment before it is hit by Dialga, she sees the space-time towers to which it flies. Right at the point where our friends are now suddenly the sky flashes pink. The fight is immediately interrupted and everyone looks up to the sky. Suddenly Darkrai reappears and suddenly says the words "Go away"! At that moment Baron Alberto appears with Jessie, James and Meowth. He calls Schlurplek from his ball and orders Darkrai to attack. Darkrai defends himself with the attack "Nightmare" other Pokemon fall into a deep sleep like Ash before.

Darkrai is trying to get rid of the pursuers in a side street when Pikachu hits Darkrai with a shock of thunder. It has to show itself and is asked by Ash to leave. Darkrai Ash replied with the words "I will stay". Baron Alberto arrives and attacks with his Schlurplek when this was hit by the attack nightmare. Darkrai of course also disappears on this occasion. Schlurplek seems to be tormenting himself in his dreams. But when suddenly Baron Alberto turns into his Schlurplek, everyone is shocked. In addition to this event, a Bidifas that was hit by Darkrai's nightmare attack suddenly flies through the walls.

In the Pokemon Center in which the attacks hit by Darkrais are dealt with, the ghosts of these Pokemon fly around in the Pokemon Center. Lucia and Brock also help Sister Joy treat these Pokémon. When Ash and Baron "Schlurplek" arrive there is great amazement. While Team Rocket is dragging the real Schlurplek with them, Tonio mentions that the dream world merges with reality. All Pokemon dream, after which Schlurplek can only dream that it is Baron Alberto and that he has then turned into his Pokemon. The baron is shocked and immediately wants to wake his Pokemon, but it does not wake up because of the attack that was hit. Then the 3 coaches who were seen at the beginning of the game appear again and tell our friends that you can no longer escape from the city. The baron suspects that this is the work of Darkrai and tries to defeat Darkrai with some other trainers. Among them the 3 other trainers.

When Ash and his friends are about to follow them, Alice and Tonio think that Darkai is a good-natured Pokemon and that cannot have caused it. Tonio tells our friends and Alice a story that happened to Tonio and Alice when they were children. When Tonio and Alice were playing in the garden, it flew down from a high rock. Tonio ran from the other side to this place of the accident and noticed a shadow. Alice was unharmed, however. Tonio suspects that Darkrai saved Alice at the time.

Tonio suddenly finds in his monitor on the picture that a Pokemon was created between the two towers during this eruption. Our friends then set off there. Suddenly Darkrai appears and challenges the Pokemon to fight. Now everyone knows that Darkrais' words were meant for this Pokemon that it attacked now. It turns out that the Pokemon "Palkia" is the Pokemon that rules the room. It appears to have been injured from a fight. Then it can be concluded that Palkia's rival "Dialga" could only inflict these injuries on him. It wouldn't be long before Dialga found and defeated Palkia in this world.

The city that was now between dimensions after the attack was cut off from the rest of the world all around. All Pokemon including the ones that attacked Darkai vs Palkia, Darkrai before the fight have awakened from their sleep. Suddenly, however, Dialga appears to take up the fight with Palkia wieda.

The strong attacks of the legends such as space attack and the noise of the times let the city dissolve faster and faster. Darkrai tries to prevent the worst and to protect the space-time tower, but Dialgas and Palkias attacks are too strong to fend off all of them. However, when Darkrai attracts their attention with an attack, it is thrown into the garden by the two and seriously injured. Our friends rush to Darkrai, Alice looks Darkrai in the eye. Darkrai remembers and calls Alice "Alicia". However, she has to admit that this was her grandmother. Ash, Lucia and Brock also apologize at this point for the misunderstanding of the attacks on Darkrai. After the short conversation, Darkrai flies back to stop the two Pokemon. Tonio remembers an entry in Godey's diary. Godey apparently foresaw this attack and left the city with the two towers and the song "Oracion" Alice remembers from childhood, a conversation with her grandmother, who taught her the song on the sheet. Her grandmother told her at the time that it was the song Oracion and it means prayer. Alice must never forget this melody.

Brock helps Sister Joy evacuate all humans and Pokémon and try to delay the destruction of the city. Meanwhile, Alice, Tonio, Lucia and Ash make their way to the space-time tower. In a hall you will find a large number of music records on a painting. The symbol on the back of the photo of Alicia and Godey shows you which music record is the right one. Time is of the essence, should Dialga start again with the noise of the times and Palkia Raumschlag, her city is doomed.

Halfway through Alice's balloon, however, it collapses and only Ash and Lucia have to walk the rest of the way up the stairs to the top of the tower. Meanwhile Darkai has thrown himself between the giants and created a kind of dark ball to imprison Dialga and Palkia. The now two immobile Pokémon cannot carry out their attacks. Ash and Lucia have almost reached the top of the tower when they look out the window and see that Darkrai loses its power and the ball dissolves. Dialga and Palkia can move again and kill Darkrai. This now dissolves between the dimensions. But Ash and Lucia have to move on. Once at the top of the tower, Lucia finds the right insertion indentation to insert the plate there. But the electricity is missing, Ash and Lucia each use Pikachu and Pachirisu to provide the necessary electricity.

After a tough battle for time, the tower finally plays the tune. The tower now seems to grow wings, Palkia and Dialga calm down. When Dialga disappears and Palkia is just about to disappear, Ash asks Palkia to repair the city again. Palkia follows Ash's research and the city is back where it was at the beginning of the story. As our friends watch the sunset and mourn Darkrai, tears still flow. Ash turns around and is about to leave when Pikachu points out a shadow. It's Darkai!

At the end the Alamos competition with Lucia is shown and so the first part of the dimensional battle is over!

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