Can I get a job in Tenerife

As soon as the decision has been made and you dare to emigrate to Tenerife, the planning phase begins. Such an emigration requires a lot of organizational talent, but with our checklist and useful tips on the subject of "Emigrating to Tenerife" nothing can go wrong and you will soon be able to call the Canary Island your home.

However, there is always one big point that often appears to be the most difficult part of emigration: looking for a job! Working in Tenerife includes many different aspects, each of which we will cover in our series of blog posts “Living in Tenerife: Tips & Tricks” so that nothing stands in the way of your life on the island of eternal spring!

Working in Tenerife: Preparations in Germany!

In order to increase your chances of finding a job in Tenerife, there are a few things that you can do before you emigrate. Above all, this includes learning the Spanish language!

Speak spanish is the most important point on your checklist, without language skills it will be a difficult undertaking to find a good job on the Canary Island. If the language has to be learned from scratch, it is worthwhile to start as soon as the thoughts of emigration solidify in your head.

If you speak Spanish, German and ideally English fluently, you have the best chance of finding a job in Tenerife. Especially in the north of the island, German native speakers are desperately wanted in almost every season.

It is also advisable to contact former employers in Germany and request bilingual job references - English is usually sufficient here. If that is too cumbersome for you, you can have your German documents including your CV translated into Spanish by a recognized translator.

Working in Tenerife: the first steps!

Apply for the NIE number

As soon as you have arrived on the spring island, applying for a NIE number is at the top of your list - because without this number, as a German in the Canary Islands, nothing works!

The NIE number is on the one hand an identification number for all foreigners who live and work in Spain and on the other hand the personal tax number. The number must be requested in person from the National Police on presentation of a valid identity card or passport. Accordingly, every emigrant should make his way to one of the following praesidia in the first few days: Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Las Américas or Puerto De La Luz.

Remember that you have to add 4 to 6 weeks of processing time after the application before you can start looking for a job. Financial reserves are an absolute must for this period!

The job search can begin

Even before you get your NIE number, you should keep your eyes open on the job market. Portals or various classifieds forums offer a good overview. If you find an offer that suits you, you can apply for it before you have received the NIE number and note that your application is ongoing.

However, the job market on the sunny island is different than at home. To find a job in Tenerife, in almost all cases you need a personal recommendation from a friend. Many job postings are only known to people through word of mouth. So it makes sense to visit different companies with your résumé and seek a personal conversation.

Working in Tenerife: the checklist

✓ Learning Spanish
Translate application documents
✓ Apply for a NIE number
✓ Keep an eye on the job market
✓ Introduce personally
✓ Negotiate merit


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Working in Tenerife with Can Do

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