How do I counter an argument that cannot be falsified?

How do I counter this argument? [closed]

The short answer: you just can't argue with a person like that. If you cannot agree on a basic requirement, no meaningful argument is possible.

Consider the following discussion: A: "The theory of evolution is supported by the fossil record, carbon dating, and geological considerations." - B: "Satan has planted all this evidence to mislead the believers and to hide the true truth in which the world was created 6 days with God, sometime around 6000 BC. A&B will never affect anything This is a radical example of everything being laden with theory.

The only way to convince such a person is to prove that another part of their reasoning is based on the same data. For example, they could publish government statistics that show minorities are at a disadvantage compared to whites in the labor market or in entering college. At this point, you might challenge them as to why government statistics are acceptable in some parts of the discussion but not in other parts. You could force them to be consistent in their source of facts. But if they don't have such inconsistencies, in fact, it's impossible to convince them otherwise.

A note on #BlackLivesMatter: It's not about whether more whites kill blacks or more blacks in general Kill whites. Poverty, lack of education and unemployment are higher among blacks and therefore are expected to have higher violent crime rates than whites. This happens to almost every minority in an industrialized country.

The question is whether or not law enforcement treats whites and blacks equally. From this point of view, government statistics clearly show that both law enforcement and the legal system clearly biased in favor of whites are.

Black gets worse penalties for the same crimes. The police usually react violently to black suspects, while white suspects have the benefit of the doubt. Blacks are more likely to be stopped and questioned by police officers etc. There is clearly a double standard in this country and right now #BLackLivesMatter is the only movement addressing this issue. Eric Gardner was strangled and killed for selling loose cigarettes (regular tobacco, not even drugs) while Dylan Roof, who had just murdered 9 cold-blooded people, bought a hamburger from the cops who arrested him. So think about this before you next discuss #BlackLivesMatter activists.