What did Antonio Brown do wrong

Scandal professional Antonio Brown: The slingshot and the ring

The past few years in Antonio Brown's life have been turbulent. And that might even be a slight understatement. Because the 32-year-old would probably no longer have believed himself to be playing with Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl on Sunday. "I'm grateful, extremely grateful," says Brown. Even in the NFL football league, which is not exactly poor in scandals, he is considered an uncouth, uncouth, person who has driven his career at full throttle against the wall himself.

Brown left out very little on and off the pitch so as not to attract negative attention. The career of the wide receiver in the first eight years was relatively noiseless and athletically impressive. But in 2018, he played for Pittsburgh as in previous years, the first negative headlines came. Brown tossed furniture off the 14th floor and met almost a two-year-old child in the process. A farce at the Steelers around the season finale and the subsequent move to the Raiders 2019 finally got the avalanche rolling. There Brown was noticed by several missed training sessions and the stubbornness of wanting to continue wearing his helmet, which has now been banned by the league. Unsurprisingly, he was dismissed in September 2019; the same fate befell him a few weeks later with the New England Patriots, where he had only stayed a few days.

Rape allegations

More serious than his sporting misconduct, however, are likely to have been his private ones. According to many fans, Brown simply belongs in jail and not on a football field. New allegations of rape and threats against the NFL star continued to emerge over time. Brown's lawyer dismissed the allegations against his client as false in a statement in 2019.

None of that stopped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around superstar Tom Brady from hiring Brown for a low base salary compared to his previous contracts. He had been banned from the league for the first eight weeks of the season. Violation of the Code of Conduct. Then Brown took off in sports, even found shelter in Brady's house himself and now finds himself in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"You mustn't be a slingshot"

"I've proven it not only to my doubters, but also to myself. I can still play football at the highest level," says Brown. For him, it is about controlling his emotions. "You can't be a slingshot when someone attacks you. You have to forgive and be optimistic."

Get along: Antonio Brown and Tom Brady. imago images

With this new mindset, Brown now wants his first Super Bowl ring. He also owes this chance to Brady. "He helped me to grow as a person. He made sure that I had a plan and that I wasn't distracted by background noises," said the recipient of the pass.

Brady sees at least the athletic qualities of Brown as first class. "He has an incredible football IQ," says the 43-year-old. "There is just a good connection between Antonio and me. It started with the fact that I had no prejudices or ideas about how something could go. First of all I try to get to know someone."

With all the warm words, it is also clear that Brady should only want to win his seventh Super Bowl. And there Brown gives him another first-class reference station next to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. That’s why the Bucs make every effort to put Brown in a good light. "His attitude and work ethic are just spectacular," says manager Jason Licht. Financially, the triumph in the Super Bowl would definitely be worth it for Brown. He would get a bonus of $ 750,000 - and would not even have to play for it.