What are some of the most satisfying art techniques

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The monumental, with an abundance of
work with licher illustrations, with
to which the Propylaen publishing house generously
laid art history opened *), invite you to
some remarks of a fundamental nature about
the importance of "primitive" art practice
for modern art history. The
The emphasis is on this publication
on the carefully and reliably art
demonstration of the
Material that doesn't just relate to art
of all primitive peoples, but also to the
the European antiquity relates. The heavy one
Task to this unmistakable and strong
heterogeneous art production in almost 75 pages
ten to write a satisfactory text,
the author resolves in what we believe to be the only one
possible way by being in the non-binding
form of the essay Position on Individuals
Groups or problems. We find
as an introduction a consideration of “The
aesthetic function in the life of the primitive ";
this is followed by short essays on architecture,
the sculpture, naturalism and stylization, mas-
ken, ancestral pictures, etc. Somehow from someone
exhaustive treatment of the substance or
an examination of the ethnic
graphs and prehistorians for decades
Problems addressed can be in
these, often only two to three pages short
sentences of course, and of Sydow
does well to start the discussion like that
to forego many pending questions. over
the much controversial problem of the
position and development of the primitive orna-
ments; the influence of economic forms on
the training of art and the possibility
at the hand of the rising economic
step development series also for the primary
to set up a tive art form; the meaning of
Race and natural conditions for that
Differentiation of the art form; the one about the
Context that extends beyond the continent
individual cultures; the deeply engaging
influence of the historical orient
lisch-European cultures; the striking
Parallelism between certain African
Phenomena and that of prehistoric
Southern Europe, the Middle East, Egypt -
one will be told about these and other problems
Sydow's work fairly did not obtain any information.
be allowed to wait, because every single one would have one
decades of research and a

*) Eckart von Sydow. The art of primitive peoples and
of prehistoric times. In Propylaen-Verlag, Berlin. 56g pages. With
XXIV plates and 400 illustrations.

publication of the multiple scope of the previous
lying text claimed. The known
Aesthetist Max Schaßler once tried
all art enthusiasts, from collectors and
Art salesman up to art philosopher
sophen, according to categories in a logically
classified system. Today he would
let this attempt be and in which
Department of the authors of the present book
is in fact difficult to classify
say. But in any case it approaches that of
the material he worked on was not considered scientific
ler researcher, but has one for the
Seldom encountered, reliable
sigen look for the purely aesthetic value of the
primitive art that enables him to
to the reader that is mostly still a little strange to him
mental and spiritual content of the depicted art
to open up works and to distinguish them
formation of the so strongly deviating primitives
To give artistic values ​​a handle. A
reverent love for his stuff, an unquestionable one
through his repeated preoccupation with
sharpened by modern expressionism,
fine understanding of the spiritual meaning
the abstract form and its philosophical
Prior training will guide the writer in each of these
short essays on the listing noteworthy
worthy, fruitful thoughts.

Is now for the scientific art research
schung, is especially for modern art
story of this book is a substantial one
Expect funding? We doubt it
almost and we doubt if any time soon
a fundamental, scientifically
systematic processing and art historical
Classification of all primitive art too
is to be expected as long as the research is not up
to an obvious one, but so far completely
the misunderstood basic requirement: namely the
Adjustment of the examination to the
historical European art as the only one
primitive art exercise whose development through
the millennia and their intersection with
alien, higher art forms gradually
can determine with great accuracy.
Only here can we see how a primitive
tive d. H. initial art becomes and grows,
with what wonderful regularity the
Form changes from level to level, like
alien art forms of neighboring, higher ones
Cultures recorded and processed or
be repelled in whatever way
each of the different genres of art
- ornamentation, body decoration, device sculpture,
Architecture, plastic - correspond and with it