What if men ruled the world?

If women ruled the world

What if women ruled the world? This is the question posed by the performance project "What if Women Ruled the World?" the multimedia artist Yael Bartana. Eleven politicians, scientists or activists each took place on three evenings to think about solutions to urgent problems of our time.

The British daily "The Guardian" has now put this question to other women from various fields, based on Bartana's project. "Nothing" is the answer of several women. Gender superiority is never a particularly good idea, says Rachel Holmes, biographer of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst. According to Holmes, within a system that only works because of inequality, it is completely irrelevant who has power. "The goals of feminism cannot be achieved within a capitalist system," she is convinced.

Story's answer: Margaret Thatcher

British women in particular do not want to answer this question without referring to Margaret Thatcher. In her reign, equality was of no importance. The author Louise Doughty wants to see from these examples that women in positions of power are evidently seduced into imitating men in positions of power.

June Eric-Udorie, editor of an intersectional feminism anthology, goes one step further. When asked whether the world would be better if women would rule, she first thought of counter-questions: "Which women? Black women? Disabled women? Trans women?" Eric-Udorie is convinced that even if "women" rule the world, women on the fringes of the feminist movement would have no power. The world would still be ruled by white, straight people. "We have to stop romanticizing the power and superiority of women," she says.

Legal limit for mansplaining

Marjane Satrapi, author of "Persepolis", is convinced that the question of another world in the hands of women stems from an idea of ​​a fundamental difference between the sexes. Ultimately, it is the experiences that shape and differentiate people - and thus also influence their actions. This is precisely why women are more likely to have the ability to change the world of work, for example, the physicist Athene Donald counters - when people realized that working people in the western world obviously need someone to take care of all problems at home .

The comedian Sofie Hagen has a lot to gain from the idea of ​​a woman-dominated world and has a few ideas: "Free tampons, legal abortion worldwide, a prison sentence rate for rapists of 100 instead of five percent". She would also like a legal limit for male falling for the word and for mansplaining. The corresponding law could then be called the "Shhhh Law". (red, July 11, 2017)