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The most beautiful GIF stickers for your Instagram story

GIF stickers are great for spicing up your story and thus better connecting with your followers. Creating these connections has become so important because every interaction with your post positively influences the Instagram algorithm.

When the viewer of your post or story becomes active and comes into contact with you, be it through a private message, viewing all your stories or a gif sent back, you will be visible again and shown to more people in the feed.

How good is that please? :-) Gif stickers are fun and arouse emotions. But where can you find extraordinary GIF stickers that not everyone uses? In this post you will learn how you can find beautiful story stickers directly in the app.

How do I use free GIFs in the Instagram story?

First, you should open the app and take a photo or video. Then you click on that Sticker icon at the top. There you can find thousands of free GIF stickers under GIF - and that for almost every topic. At first you will run out 100 cutting edge gifs suggested. Instagram obtains this from the platform Giphy. The gifs in the trends vary daily and already give you a lot of choices. Here you will mostly find current topics, arrows, hearts, glittering elements and Instagram-related gifs.

For specific GIF requests, you can enter one directly above Enter a search term. Always remember that Giphy is an English platform. So you can find the coolest GIFs if you enter English terms.

7 ideas on how to use GIF stickers in your Instagram story

1. Set graphic highlights with GIF stickers

Usually swiping through the story is quick. Lines and washi tape elements are therefore particularly suitable for immediately drawing the user's attention to certain image sections in your story. This is especially important if your Instagram story is used as a marketing tool. These search terms will help you find cool lines and backgrounds: