How environmentally conscious are Costa Ricans

Costa Rica warmly welcomes all nature lovers! Lush forests, impressive volcanoes and exotic animals. The country does not shy away from effective ecological measures either. Obtain electricity from exclusively renewable energy sources? No problem for the small country in Central America.

Already knew? Costa Rica is a very progressive country in terms of sustainability. It has rich forests and would like to preserve them at all costs. As a tourist you benefit a lot from the nature reserves and ecotourism, which allows you to sleep in the middle of nature. Costa Rica is home to 6% of the world's biodiversity, diverse flora and fauna can be found in the 27 national parks and their numerous reserves.

Costa Rica supplies itself with 100 percent green electricity

Costa Rica can really be proud of its ecological development. Since 2015, Costa Rica with its almost 5 million inhabitants has been able to cover almost 100 percent of its energy needs from renewable energies. The small state has thus come a significant step closer to its goal of becoming the first CO2-neutral country in the world. It even ranks third among the most ecological countries in the world, behind Norway and Sweden. Costa Rica is an ecological pioneer in all of Latin America and thus also acts as a model for its neighboring countries.

We could all learn a slice of this ambition. GO GREEN!


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