Where is Oasis in Fallout 3


Hidden paradise
I'm sure you've listened more or less attentively to Three Dogs' obscure hints about a place with real trees on Galaxie News Radio. And he is right: the green oasis is located in one of the northernmost and most inaccessible areas of the wasteland. You have probably already picked up the map marker at some point during your 'Fallout' adventure. Oasis is hidden behind a mountain range. The extremely narrow entrance path to the area is on the west side. Run there close to the rocks so that you can discover the difficult to see entrance.

In front of the entrance you will be met by Baumvater Birch, who, strangely enough, has already been waiting for you. He will lead you to the center of Oasis and enlighten you. After speaking to him, you must attend the tree-keeper ceremony. Only then are you allowed to speak to the supposedly divine being. After you have tasted the intoxicating drink, a short time later you suddenly find yourself in the grove of Oasis. Look for the talking tree, Harold and Bob, and start the dialogue with him. After Harold tells his story, he asks you to finally kill him. For this you should penetrate into the "underground caves" and destroy his heart. Then speak to him again if you want to receive all options of the quest. Then leave the grove and return to Oasis.

The underworld of Oasis
Access to the Oasis Caves is on one of the side paths leading away from the center. Shortly before the cave entrance you overhear the conversation between Birch and Laurel. They then come to you one after the other with a corresponding request as to how you should deal with Harold's heart alternatively. While Birch's tree sap will stop Harold's growth, Laurel's liniment will cause growth to accelerate. Your decision mainly affects the reward offered at the end. In the next few paragraphs we will explain all possible alternatives. When you are ready, get the key to the caves of Oasis from Branch Guardian Cypress in front of the entrance.

You certainly can't get lost in the underworld. Just follow your nose or the narrow cave passage. Down here you will find Mirelurks and Mirelurk kings. When you have reached the underground lake, you have to dive into the water and at the opposite end. Swim through the passage to get back on solid ground on the other side. Keep going until you get to the door to the "sunken chambers". After you have killed all the Mirelurk beasts on the way, you will reach the chamber with Harold's heart. You have to touch it to interact with it. Now you have several options in the menu. When you have made up your mind, the shortest route back to the door leads to the "damp caves" at the back of this room.

Destroy the heart
As requested by Harold, you can now destroy his heart. The reward for this is the extra "bark skin". You benefit from a permanent increase in your damage resistance of five percent. Return directly to the grove via the "damp caves" and speak to Baumvater Birch there. The old man is not angry because you killed Harold. On the contrary. You are now always welcome in Oasis.

The Birch alternative
If you decide to treat your heart with the tree sap from Tree Father Birch, you will receive your reward from the Branch Guardians Maple and Cypress. So return to the grove via the “damp caves” and speak to Birch. Then convince the depressed Harold that he “plays an important role in the life of the tree keeper”. He then gives up his longing for death and continues to play the god for the tree keepers. As a reward you will then receive "Maple's clothes" (BEW +1, WAH +1) from Maple and a rocket from Cypress - very impressive.

The Laurel alternative
If, on the other hand, you have used Laurel's liniment to accelerate growth, you will be standing in front of Laurel after the return journey via the “damp caves” in the grove. She tells you that in this case you can collect your reward from Bloomseer Poplar and Zweighüter Linden. After you have persuaded Harold, as in the Birch alternative, to cherish life again, you go to the said tree keeper. While Poplar equips you with "Poplar's hood" (sneak +10, MOV +1), Linden gives you a real "Linden's power armor of the outcasts" (large weapons +5, STR +1, MOV -1, radiation res. +10) .

The fire alternative
If, after the first conversation with Harold, you have asked him about further options regarding his concern, an optional task is entered in the Pip-Boy: Killing Harold with fire. You don't even have to squeeze your way through the cold, wet caves, but can complete the quest on the spot in front of Harold. Nevertheless, you need a weapon in order to be able to light Harold accordingly under the rear. A flamethrower is of course ideal for this. Because you brought Harold a painful death by doing so, you get bad karma for it. In addition, you are now being hunted by the tree huggers.

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