People lose weight while masturbating

Female masturbation: a self-experiment in daily masturbation

Day 4: Hello, Endorphins!

That's how I like it - exactly my frequency. Why didn't I do it several times a day in the past? My brain works like a Duracell bunny after these little bursts of endorphin, my mood is fabulous. Even my coffee consumption has decreased. Long live my right hand! And my home office, in which I can “work” relaxed on such challenges. That wouldn't work in an open-plan office. Sometimes it just has advantages to be a cultural precariat. I love my job! Where else would I get paid for self sex? “Maybe as a camgirl or in porn,” says a friend. What the hell. We bitches hold our heads up.

By the way, the opinions of my circle of acquaintances about this experiment diverge as painfully as the gender pay gap: While most women just find it silly (“Do you have to do every shit?”), The men are fascinated (“How does it work exactly ? "Or" Can you do it! "). And I know exactly why I'm doing this shit again.

Day 7: Even more pleasure

It's amazing how quickly my vagina got used to regular activity. So it's true: the more sex you have, the more you want it. Even if it's “just” sex with yourself. In any case, after a few hours of masturbation break, I feel clear movements between my legs that say: time for tenderness. Alone or with my boyfriend. But he fled from my oversized libido to the office. He thinks I fall on him like a wild dog and don't feel safe at home anymore. "You should jerk off more often!" I call after him.

For a moment I give in to the horrible thought that it could be true that female pleasure extinguishes male pleasure. The British porn king of the 70s, Paul Raymond, spread this thesis in his men's booklet Men only. Because although today everyone claims the opposite, the following applies: the man conquers while the woman adorns herself. If, on the other hand, the woman aggressively shows that she wants, that can be overwhelming. I call my friend in the office: "Does my lust kill yours?" - "No" he replies. “But you are just crossing the line. I feel completely ... sucked out. ”So it is, the female desire: in principle, insatiable.

Day 11: how the hell?

Today is the first day on which my debit seems unreachable to me: in the morning a ride through hell through the furniture store, in the afternoon a large search for gifts in the overcrowded city. In the evening I have an appointment to cook with a friend. When should I still satisfy myself now? Desperate, I tell him about my dilemma. “Just do it here. With me, ”he says. I hesitate for a moment. We have tried sex a few times in the years we have known. It was a disappointment every time. Maybe masturbation together would finally bring us the climaxes we never had? No, I decide. Because I don't want one thing to come to another in the heat of the moment. So I'm forced to give myself the full load in bed next to my sleeping friend. Eleven orgasms in one hour. Last time feels more like urethritis than coming. My mood is threatening to change.

Day 14: No time for nothing

“Are you doing anything else at all?” Asks my friend when he unexpectedly comes home at noon and finds me in bed. He is right: I let my work wander. And "Sorry, I have to masturbate" has become my standard answer to all kinds of inquiries. The day before yesterday I had to cancel a concert, yesterday I had to cancel a date with my friends. Social isolation, I'm coming! Now I finally understand, at least to some extent, why there is such a thing as the NoFap movement: Excessive wanking not only robs you of manhood, it also makes you lonely.

In between I leaf through the freshly published book “The ruled gender” by the psychologist Sandra Konrad. And can't get my mouth shut anymore. Female sexuality has not freed itself, but merely adapted to male, she writes. Young women who behave freely and talk about it openly would sexualize themselves - with the sole aim of fulfilling male fantasies. What a bullshit. Yes, there are women who go beyond their limits or for whom it is more important to be good in bed than to be worried about it themselves. But the fact that sexually active women are labeled per se as victims of patriarchy should actually be over by the 1970s. I want to complete this challenge, if only to scream from the town hall tower: I've done it myself 496 times this month! And I don't give a shit how even one man thinks it!

Day 16: Pain-free thanks to your hand

My fantasies are no longer enough to come up with my should - I need harder material to come faster and more often. That's why my new best friend is called Pornhub. But even if he tries to find new stimuli for me every day, he quickly starts to bore me. I also don't feel like having sex anymore. I don't feel like doing anything anymore, except that December will pass quickly. The only good thing about this day: Thanks to 16 uterine exercises, my otherwise nasty period pains are barely noticeable. That should be available on prescription.

Day 18: My body, my freedom

If I were into forced orgasms, I would probably be in an SM studio by now. In fact, I hate being forced to do anything I don't want. Touching me 18 times today, for example. Because I really don't like it. "Didn't you want to go through with this?" Asks my friend. "And tell the whole world about it?" Yes, I wanted to. But I also wanted it to be fun. For the past few days, however, it has felt more like violence than pleasure. There's this rule about sex: when it doesn't feel good anymore, you stop. Regardless of whether you are in two, three or alone. No matter how much you wanted to before. “I said right away that this was nonsense,” a friend instructs me.

Maybe she's right. Just like Sandra Konrad, who would definitely describe my ambition in the matter of Dildo December as "masculinized", ie emulating male behavior. But isn't this exactly where the freedom we actually want lies? To go along with any nonsense. To acquire masculine behavior for us. And then still be able to decide whether it fits. Yeah, I'm greased halfway. But with the fabulous feeling: My pussy is mine and nobody and no challenge in this world dictates what to do with it.