What do I need to know before studying abroad

Applying to study abroad: You have to pay attention to this

For many students, it is no longer enough to spend the entire course of their studies at their own university. A large part of them therefore go abroad, where they usually spend one or two semesters. However, sometimes the desire goes further - and that The entire course should be completed abroad. However, before this project can become a reality, the application for studying abroad must first be tackled. Only if this is successful can the desired course actually be taken up in another country. We show, What to look out for when applying to study abroad ...

Applying to study abroad: take enough time

The first important tip: studying abroad is not a plan that you should break over your knee. The thought may arise from a fixed idea and inspire so much that you want to pack your bags as soon as possible, but you should slow down a little first, because the preparation for studying abroad takes time.

First of all, you should be clear about which country and university you want to go to to start studying. In addition to personal preferences, language always plays a major role. Once you have decided on a university, the next step is: Inform yourself! There are many factors which, depending on the country, but also vary from university to university.

The requirements that you have to meet as a student, the evidence you need for a full application for studying abroad and of course the financial aspects vary greatly, which is why you should inform yourself carefully and allow enough time to clarify all questions .

Applying to study abroad: These are the points that are particularly important

Once the decision has been made that you want to study abroad, you must then take care of the relevant application. The same applies here: Find out in advance, what is required by the university - or by the program that accompanies you while studying abroad. In this way, problems can be avoided at an early stage and you avoid the stress of having to submit documents at short notice. When applying to study abroad, you must also consider a few things in order to actually be admitted to study abroad.

We'll show you what to look out for when applying to study abroad:

  1. The application form

    The application form of the university abroad is the basic requirement. You can usually find this in the download area of ​​the respective university. Particular attention should be paid to filling out the form carefully in order to avoid fleeting errors. Therefore, if you have any questions about the application form, either contact the university directly or ask the organization that is organizing your study abroad.

  2. The deadlines

    With all the preparation and excitement, it is important to pay close attention to the deadlines for applying to the university abroad. These can be different depending on the university and are not identical to the application deadlines at German universities.

  3. The letter of motivation

    The mere technical qualification is often not enough to be admitted to study abroad. Your motivation also plays a major role, and you have to provide evidence in a letter of motivation. Why do you want to study abroad? Why this course and why at this university? In the letter of motivation, you must convincingly explain what motivated you to make your decision.

  4. The language certificates

    Almost all universities expect a student from another country to provide proof of their language skills when applying. This is to ensure that the students are really able to follow the content in the lectures. Which language level you have to prove depends on both the university and the desired course of study. If you still need proof of this - such as the TOEFL test - you should take care of it in good time so that you can submit a complete application.

  5. The certificates of achievement

    Depending on the university, different certificates are required for studying abroad. This can be, for example, the translated Abitur certificate or evidence of the academic achievements that have already been made - for example if you are applying for a master’s degree. You should make sure that you have the copies that you want to submit with your application for studying abroad certified by the school or university that issued the certificates.

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