Can you briefly explain Saturn retrograde

Horoscope: Was Corona predicted here?

Important constellations are imminent. They ensure that 2020 will be a year of upheavals and great changes. The first signs of this were already noticeable in 2019, the high points will be around January 12, 2020 and December 2020. Much of what has built up and bloated over the past few decades is now being consolidated from the ground up.

This turnaround is additionally reinforced by the fact that the coming year will be ruled by the moon from March 20th: lunar years are generally considered to be inconsistent, changeable and uncontrollable. And since the outside world has undergone such a change, the focus will now increasingly be on family, inner satisfaction and domesticity.

In 2020 some heavenly aspects will occur, among which there have often been tremors in the past. State crises, upheavals on the capital market, natural disasters, but also wars can often be observed in these constellations. However, such upheavals offer a chance for purification and reflection on essential values. It doesn't all collapse, it just sorts itself again.

Annual horoscope: A change in values ​​will take place

The bang will start in the first weeks of the year around January 12th, when two cosmic heavyweights (Saturn and Pluto) meet in Capricorn. This constellation is reinforced by the solar eclipse of December 26, 2019, also in the sign of Capricorn, which casts its shadow on January 2020. Although this eclipse is effective in Germany, it is not visible due to the very early time of day.

Now world peace could also shake internal security tremendously and the banking crisis, which has long been warned about, could manifest itself. However, this would be a crisis with an announcement, and the same applies to this: it brings us back to the right level. Not only will there be a change in values, power games will also be seen through more quickly.

It is important that everyone sees this overthrow as necessary and makes themselves more independent of the bloated financial system through skillful value protection. From December 2020 at the latest, the focus will be increasingly on permanent and fixed values, away from virtual money.