How can I improve my rap voice

Voice Enhancement Tutorial

Do you want to improve the sound of your voice? Sound like Unge, Liont, Dagi Bee or Gronkh on YouTube and the like? Good advice is expensive, but with us it is free. Find out everything about improving the sound of your voice in the video ...

A good (USB) microphone is the first step to sound like Unge, Liont & Co. - here you will find all further tips for improving your voice | Image: Derek K. Miller [CC BY-NC 2.0]

From Felix Baarß

Enhance voice tutorial:

From the hardware and its additional tools to the software for recording and editing to tips on everything to do with recording - here you will find everything you need to get started in a compact video. So you can improve your voice in no time to make videos that are much more appealing.

What you need to improve your voice:

  • USB microphone
  • Pop screen
  • software
  • Voice over
  • Sound check
  • Even more sound

Improve video voice - sound like Unge, Liont & Co.

Supplementary tutorials on the topic

So, now you know what to take with you on your journey. But delamar wouldn't be delamar if it weren't for additional guides and tutorials that were addressed in the video. If you want to know exactly, here are your guides:

USB microphone

Simple and cheap: You can make good voice recordings with a USB microphone. With their simple connection to the computer and extras such as volume controls, they make your voice recording very convenient. There is no need for software installation or complex cabling. Here you can compare current models in all price ranges in detail: The best USB microphones up to 350 euros »

Pop screen

So-called pop protection is essential. It ensures that the breath and moisture that is pressed out when speaking does not hit the microphone - otherwise there will be a "rumble" and the moisture is not good for the microphone in the long run. You can get a professional pop screen quite cheaply - it's even cheaper if you make it yourself ...
Instructions: Build your own pop screen »


There are now many good programs for recording and editing. You can do screencasts with Camtasia for Windows & Mac, for example. But there is also free software such as FlashBack Express for recording your casts or Avidemux for editing the finished videos. That is enough for the beginning and you have more budget left over for the hardware.

Voice over

If you want to set your video to music later with a voice from the off, you can make the recordings in audio software. Of course, it also works the other way around: First record the voice, then drag the audio file into your video software as a soundtrack and cut the video accordingly. Free programs like Audacity or ocenaudio are ideally suited for recording ...

Free: Music programs - free of charge and at a professional level »

Sound check

Before you shoot the video, make test recordings to make sure your voice is not too soft or too loud - and most importantly, not overdriven, as this cannot be remedied later. You should always keep the same distance to the microphone in the intended speech direction. Incidentally, your voice sounds better when you are standing - a tripod is indispensable here. All information about this: Microphone stand - Tips for buying & using »

Even more sound

A normal condenser microphone with an XLR connector usually produces a better sound. For this you need an audio interface with XLR socket, microphone preamplifier and switchable phantom power. Thanks to the interface, you can also record multiple microphones at the same time. Big comparison: 21 audio interfaces | 36 microphones [with sound samples]

What we used to improve voice in the video:

Do you have your own ideas and suggestions for improving your voice? Write us in the comments now!