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Justin Trudeau

Bomb alarm in Queen Elizabeth's castle: man arrested

On Tuesday evening, a bomb alarm went off in Edinburgh, Scotland. A "suspicious item" was found in the grounds of Queen Elizabeth II's Holyrood Palace. The police are now reporting an arrest. After a bomb alarm in the Scottish castle ... more

Canada calls for the Proud Boys to be classified as a terrorist group

The right-wing radical group of the "Proud Boys" is considered to be particularly prone to violence. They were also involved in the storming of the Capitol. Canada demands consequences. Canada's parliament has called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to end the right-wing extremists ... more

Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau cancels meeting with Trump

The rising numbers of infected people in the USA are also worrying foreign heads of state. Now Canada's prime minister cancels a free trade agreement meeting with the president. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won't be on for Wednesday and Thursday ... anymore

After the bloody crime in Nova Scotia: Canada tightened gun laws

Ottawa (AP) - Around two weeks after the worst blood act in Canadian history, the North American country has tightened its gun laws. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that 1500 models of automatic firearms are now banned. "These ... more

Johannes B. Kerner was infected with coronavirus

As a precaution, moderator Johannes B. Kerner had himself tested for the corona virus after symptoms of colds. The result surprised the 55-year-old himself. "Yesterday morning I woke up with very slight symptoms of cold," explains Johannes ... more

Prince Harry and Meghan: what do Canadians think of them?

After their partial exit from the British royal family, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan now want to live partially in Canada. But how do the Canadians react to their royal growth? The welcome of the royal family in their new home Canada was extremely friendly ... more

Canada elections: Justin Trudeau could face it

Four years ago, Justin Trudeau promised "sunny paths" - but scandals have shaken the relationship between the Canadians and their prime minister. But he has one advantage in the parliamentary elections: his challenger. A few hours before the polling stations open ... more

Climate change: Thunberg calls for Canada's premier to be more committed

Montreal (AP) - Climate activist Greta Thunberg demonstrated in the Canadian city of Montreal at the end of an international strike week together with around half a million people for more climate protection. At the same time, she threw the Canadian Prime Minister on Friday ... more

At the G7 summit, the wrong people are at the table

There is little that can jump out of world politics if important countries are not even present at the G7 meetings. It is time for a change. The problems call for it. The meeting of the seven states in Biarritz is a wonderful memory ... more

G7 summit: USA and France agree on digital tax

France has introduced a digital tax for US Internet companies - against a strong opposition from the US. Now a solution is emerging. All information in the news blog. RELOAD 5:38 p.m .: G7 agree on a simple final declaration Contrary to ... more

Canada posthumously apologizes to chief

The indigenous chief poundmaker was wrongly accused of looting. Now Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau has posthumously exonerated the chief and apologized on behalf of the government. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a ... more

Canada grants asylum to Snowden worker

She helped Snowden go into hiding. Canada has now granted asylum to Vanessa Rodel. She had previously threatened deportation in Hong Kong. An assistant to former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Canada. "Now we're sure ... more

Canada: Priest attacked with knife live on TV

In Canada, a man attacked a priest with a knife in front of the camera. The police were able to arrest the perpetrator. A Catholic priest is in the Canadian metropolis of Montreal during a live televised service with a ... more

China defends death sentence against Canadians

After a Chinese court sentenced a Canadian to death, Canada appeals to China for clemency. But there you stick to the decision. Canada officially asked for pardon for a Canadian sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling ... more

China criticizes USA - is the trade dispute now personal?

As soon as Beijing and Washington have come closer in the trade dispute, the arrest of the daughter of the Huawei founder causes new trouble. Who knew about the arrest and when? The US is apparently also targeting other Chinese companies. The arrest of the chief financial officer ... more