Which Twitch streamers have the most followers?

xQc is the biggest streamer on Twitch. But now the Canadian is losing over two million of his followers in one fell swoop. Guilt is a bot plague of all things.

Quebec, Canada - Has been for months xQc is undisputedly the most famous star on the Twitch streaming platform. But now a large number of followers of the streamer will be deleted. Because of the extensive cleanup of the platform, Felix Lengyels no longer understands the world - the reason for the deletion could be possibly numerous bots be.

Full nameFelix Lengyel
Known as'xQc' & 'xQcOW'
Twitch account created onNovember 02, 2016
Followers on Twitch4,145,772 followers (as of November 12, 2020)
Views on Twitch217,708,080 video views (as of November 12, 2020)
Born on theNovember 12, 1995

Twitch: The largest streamer on the xQc platform loses over two million followers in one fell swoop

Felix 'xQc' Lengyels experiences time and again on Twitch, despite the fact that he is the platform's biggest streamer hard setbacks. Last but not least, xQc was banned on Twitch because of cheating in Fall Guys. XQc was also excluded on a GTA 5 online roleplay server due to its misconduct. So it can be summarized that the life of the 25-year-old is very chaotic. Now the next shock follows, because Lengyels loses in one fell swoop several million followers on his Twitch channel.

The reason for that Removal of so many followers from the xQc streamer could be with cunning bots. Because only recently Twitch announced that they are currently against a strong plague of Viewer and follower bots fight. According to the streaming service, should more than 7 million bots have been detected on the platform. Their task is then to shoot up the number of followers or viewers of smaller streamers. Many of these channels follow in order to remain undetected as best as possible also bigger and better known streamers.

According to the Twitch-Tracker website, xQc has now more than 2 million followers lost. On a screenshot you can see how the streamer from Canada has changed approx. 2.2 million followers lost are. This data is also in line with the numbers reported by similar tracking websites like SullyGnome and SocialBlade. So there seems to be a lot going on on the xQc channel - the incident is definitely causing a stir in the streaming scene.

Twitch: xQc's follower numbers are falling immensely - now the streamer is commenting on the bot-plague

While xQc recently did have over 8 million Twitch followers one can only see now approx. 5.5 million followers on his Twitch channel. This corresponds to a decrease of over 2 million fans within a week. xQc that streamed the same day, confirmed the decline in followers. Felix Lengyels of course also noticed the loss, but made it clear in the livestream: "The followers mean nothing to me.

Via Twitter warned the official Twitch support account more streamers before possible new cases. So make it clear: "There may be a sudden drop in followers and viewers in the coming days". This information seems to affect the streamer xQc statistics as well. Now Twitch is considering, to take further action. It should be exciting weeks, depending on how it is other streamers with the number of followers goes on.

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