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Hela Odinsdottir


  • Goddess of death
  • Odin's firstborn


Hela Odinsdottir is the goddess of death, who was banished for thousands of years at Odin's own instigation, but who can free herself from his spell after his death. She started a merciless campaign of conquest against Asgard in order to conquer other worlds from there. In the end she is defeated by the unleashed Surtur, who destroys Asgard and thus deprives Hela of her source of power.

History [edit | Edit source]

Thor: Day of Decision [edit | Edit source]

When Odin dies in Norway in the arms of his sons, Hela, his firstborn daughter and original heir to the throne of Asgard, who Odin banished centuries ago because she was possessed by the numerous wars and battles that she fought with her father, reveals herself to be Has been conquered and, in its irrepressible lust for power and bloodlust, could become a threat to all worlds.

To stop her, Thor throws Mjölnir at her, but she catches and destroys him without any problems, as she too was once the master of this weapon. Surprised by Hela's strength, Loki and Thor want to flee through the Bifröst to Asgard, but are followed by Hela when they teleport. She manages to beat the two of them out of Bifröst into space and then to get to Asgard herself, where she kills Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun on arrival and now plans to succeed Odin. She single-handedly defeats all sir who dare to oppose her. Then she seizes power as the new ruler in Asgard.

In the treasury of Odin, Hela uses the eternal flame to bring an army of asens' skeletons back to life, as well as the Fenriswolf, her former mount. With her help she terrorizes and rules the people of Asgard mercilessly and with an iron hand.

Thor, who has since experienced a lot and is returning to Asgard with a team made up of Hulk, Valkyrie and Loki, wants to free his people. While Hulk fights against the Fenriswolf and everyone else against the skeletons of Hela, Thor faces his sister in a fight, who, however, can knock out an eye

Hela got the upper hand in the fight and nailed Thor to a balcony with a knife. While she is mocking him, Thor unleashes a mighty lightning bolt against Hela, who can withstand it without any problems, since as Odin's firstborn she has a far greater source of power than her younger brother.

Thor must realize that his thunder powers will not be enough to defeat Hela, since Hela draws her power from Asgard. With a heavy heart he lets Loki Surtur unleashed, who destroys Asgard, thus robbing Hela of her source of strength and defeating her.

Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Superhuman strength: Hela, like all Aesir, is superhumanly strong, but possesses much greater physical strength than the average Ase, since she is the daughter and firstborn of Odin. Hela is therefore strong enough to stop Mjølnir effortlessly with one hand and to break it without great effort. It was with the destruction of Mjølnir that Thor and Loki realized the extent of their power in the first place. Likewise, after Odin, she is the most powerful female warrior in all of Asgard and could easily slaughter entire armies single-handedly.
  • Superhuman resilience: Hela's body, similar to that of Thor, therefore seems to be almost invulnerable, and even surpasses the resilience of her brother by far. So she could easily withstand Gungnir and Mjølnir and was even unscathed when she snatched a handful of the eternal flame. She also survived when her Einherjar's sword thrust through the torso and she was stabbed by Thor with Gungnir without any permanent damage to her body or clothing and appearing completely intact. Even Thor's lightning, after he unleashed the power of the Odin, she could easily withstand. It was only stopped by Surtur's Twilight Sword.
  • Superhuman agility: Hela has great agility, dexterity, balance, stamina and body coordination, which by far exceeds that of a human being and even that of most other ate. So she could easily parry the attacks of Thor and Valkyrie or dodge them in a flash. She also demonstrated this against the entire army of Asgard. It is also quite capable of covering greater distances with one jump and can also land safely on its feet from a great height.
  • Supernatural connection: As the firstborn daughter of Odin, Hela has a supernatural connection to the kingdom of Asgard that even exceeds that of her younger brother. In this way she can let Asgard empower herself to unbelievable supernatural abilities and increase her own already enormous powers even further.
  • necromancy: Hela, as the self-proclaimed "Goddess of Death", proved that she could revive her allies by simply using a handful of flames from the Eternal Flame and throwing them on the ground to create a huge explosion of green hell energy. So she was able to revive her pet wolf Fenris and her berserkers after discovering their bodies under Odin's vault. She also ruled the kingdom of Hel, where the souls of those who died without being honored existed and served her unconditionally in the living world.
  • Weapon manifestation: Hela can manifest different weapons from different parts of her body and also create steel-hard structures out of nothing and then control them. Usually she creates necroswords, daggers, spears and axes in combat. All of their weapons are incredibly sturdy and sharp enough not only to instantly kill warriors like Three and Skurge, but even to stab through Thor's almost invulnerable body. The Skurge Blood Ax was also created by her before she presented it to him. Hela also created oversized blades with which she could effortlessly destroy a massive gate to a secret cave where the fleeing sir hid, by telekinetically pulling the blades down together with the gate. She was also able to create spike-like constructs from the ground, which she tried unsuccessfully to use against Surtur, but which ultimately proved ineffective against the fire giant.

Weapons Edit source]

  • Mjølnir: Hela was once the original mistress of Mjølnir and was not only one of the few who could swing it at all, but theoretically also had access to all its powers. A ceiling painting by Odin was also suggested that she used him in combat in the early past.
  • Blood ax: Hela created the blood ax, which she then gave to Skurge.
  • Daggers: Hela can create countless daggers and throw them at her opponents with deadly precision.
  • Necro swords: Hela mainly created swords, which she knows how to wield masterfully in battle.

Character [edit | Edit source]

Hela showed herself to be cold-blooded, merciless and cruel and therefore did not shy away from slaughtering countless soldiers or terrorizing her father's people. It was also shown that she is obsessed with the feeling of conquering and killing.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

  • Thor: Hela tried several times to win her brother over to her goals, which might even indicate that she wanted to spare him. She also seemed to appeal to his sympathy, as he was told by Odin the same thing as she once said. Nevertheless, she also showed no mercy towards him when he fought her and therefore then tried to kill him.
  • Loki: Hela mocked Loki because he reminded her of her father.
  • Odin: Hela hated and despised her father deeply, because he simply locked her away and thus also denied her the right to the throne of Asgard.
  • Bizarre: Hela saw a valuable subject in Skurge and appointed him her executor, just as she was once the executor of Odin. She killed him anyway without blinking when he turned on her.
  • Fenriswolf: The Fenriswolf serves Hela as her loyal companion and mount. She seems to have a great affection for him, which is probably mutual.

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Hela can lift Mjølnir, as can be seen on the hidden ceiling painting in Asgard's throne room. This is due to the fact that Mjølnir was once her weapon and she was therefore its first mistress after Odin.
  • Hela was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and made her first appearance in the comic J.ourney into mystery # 102 in March 1964.
  • According to Norse mythology, Hela (actually Hel) is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda, two jotuns. She is the goddess of the realm of the dead named after her and is described as a woman, partly young, partly old, partly living and partly dead. She is also the sister of the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Snake.
  • Hela may have survived the destruction of Asgard. This theory is based on the fact that it could open a portal to Hel and a flash of green appeared in a short scene when Surtur rammed his sword into the ground.