How do I find the Mariana Web

Is there any evidence of a secret layer of deeply hidden web pages called "Mariana's Web"? [closed]

"Mariana's Web" is a term taken from an infographic first published on Imgur in 2011 that attempted to provide a classification of the deep web architecture.

According to this infographic, the web is divided into 5 levels, each of which is more difficult to access, and the deepest is said to be "Mariana's Web".

First of all, it should be noted that the layers selected are extremely arbitrary and that this classification is in no way supported by the competent authorities.

Then if you read the description of the 5th layer, you will see that you need a "polymeric Falcighol derivative" which is described as such:

Shit ... I don't really know. All I know is that you need to solve quantum mechanics to see this on the normal web, let alone closed servers. Quantum computation exists, and government powers have it. So be careful what you do here.

In addition to the fact that the entire term "polymer Falcighol derivative" is purely invented, quantum computing is a very experimental area that is currently not being used in any real world (let alone 2012). I believe that the existence of "Mariana's Web" can thus be dismissed.

According to RationalWiki, the chart was expanded in 2014, adding three new levels. I leave it up to you to decide whether these are believable or not.


To be honest, it's pretty difficult to explicitly date an internet phenomenon. The earliest source I found for the infographic is from September 2011, and the polymeric falcighol derivation only gives 5000 results mostly related to deep web topics derived from reddit, quora, or alt- science blogs originate. Similarly, Google Trends shows the trend started around October 2011 with a peak in May 2014


Regarding the attribution and origin of my claims, I found a 12-page paper by Robert W. Gehl that explicitly deals with the Mariana web-internet phenomenon, along with extensive references and bibliographies.

What can be seen from the article:

  • Nor can the author assign the origin with 100% accuracy. They relink the origin back to the Imgur image I posted earlier.
    • As I can't find any other strong support for the image posted on 4chan first, I'll remove the mention in my answer
  • At one point there was a deep website called Mariana's Web that was created after the meme was born. I included facts about cats and claimed the user had to read through them all before they could access the deeper levels
  • The author agrees that:

    There are no layers that are “deeper” than Tor (or Freenet or I2P).

  • In his conclusion, the author calls the "Marianas Web" real in the sense that:

    The Mariana Web is real in the sense that conspiracy theories have real implications

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