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First visit ... - Maine Coon - from Langholz

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First visit ...

First visit to the breeder
Visits to the reserved kitten are welcome from the 6th week of life so that you can follow
can see how the dream kitten will develop. Please understand, however, that it is not possible to touch the kitten before it is 8 weeks old and until the kitten has been vaccinated.
At this point in time, the kittens have not yet received any vaccinations and therefore have no antibodies of their own against viruses, germs and other diseases! There is still a very high risk that the little ones will become seriously ill.
We therefore ask you, when you come to visit us, to take some «precautionary measures» and to respect them:
  • Please understand that with us you have to take off your shoes and wash and disinfect your hands.

  • That you are wearing clean, freshly washed clothes and that you have not visited other breeders before you come to visit us! This does not mean that other breeders do not pay attention to cleanliness! Unfortunately, there are many different views on this and so countless invisible germs, viruses or fungi can easily be transmitted. These are also transmitted with shoes without even realizing it. Every household, even if it is healthy, has germs! But also dubious breeders who do not have their animals vaccinated, whose animals are sick, without perhaps knowing it themselves, can transfer diseases through you to other breeding and cause a lot of suffering and harm!

  • We ask that you refrain from visiting if you have animals with infectious diseases in your home or if you have had animals that have recently died of infectious diseases. Please postpone a visit if you have a cold yourself - cats and especially small kittens can become infected very quickly with humans!

  • Cat friends who have cats at home with parasites, runny nose, infections, viral diseases or fungal diseases should not, in fairness, have any contact with other cat owners.

  • We would also like to ask parents to educate their children about how to deal with cats before visiting! We also expect children to treat animals with respect.

  • You may think that we are “overly cautious” about these precautionary measures, or that you consider some things to be excessive.

  • Then please ask yourself: What if it does go wrong

Then it is our Kittens who get sick;
than are we it who have to bear the veterinary costs;
than are we it possibly the last with a terminally ill kitten
Have to go into gear; and It's us, whose heart will then be broken!

Every responsible breeder or animal owner who cares about the welfare of his animals will be as grateful to you for this precaution as we are! THANKS
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