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Menstrual sponge: this is how soft tampons work

You can hardly avoid the menstrual sponge at the moment. As Alternative to tampons, pads and menstrual cups The sponge is another way to make your period more comfortable and to adapt it to your needs. But how does the menstrual sponge work?

For several years there has always been more alternatives to classic period products. Whether menstrual cup, period underwear or now the menstrual sponge. The new methods often have many advantages, for example because they remain odorless, less rubbish cause and get by without chemicals.

What are menstrual sponges?

Even if there is a lot of talk about menstrual sponges at the moment, the invention is by no means new. The sponge is inserted into the vagina like a tampon, where it soaks up the blood directly. Unlike tampons, however, it is significantly softer and more malleable.

Before you use the sponge for the first time, it must be soaked in vinegar water (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) to clean it. Then you should squeeze it out well so that it is still damp but no longer dripping wet.

The sponge must be at the latest changed after eight hours become. After use, clean the sponge by washing it with cold water. When your period is over, you should at least have it two hours in vinegar water to clean it completely. Menstrual sponges should not be washed with soap or boiled. After cleaning, it should be able to dry in a warm, dry place. Then you can store your sponge in a jute or cotton bag, for example.

There are menstrual sponges as a natural product or made of plastic. Since natural sponges are invertebrates, the product is not vegan. As a vegan alternative, menstrual sponges made of plastic are ideal. However, these are less environmentally friendly and often chemically treated.

You can reuse a menstrual sponge several times, but you should dispose of your sponge after about 3 to 6 months.

The advantages of menstrual sponges at a glance

  • Natural product that works without chemicals
  • Soft and malleable
  • Environmentally friendly because it is reusable and renewable
  • No thread, therefore not visible from the outside
  • Can be worn during sex

The most important information at a glance

What is a menstrual sponge?

A menstrual sponge is a period product that is inserted into the vagina like a menstrual cup. The soft, adaptable shape makes it particularly comfortable to wear.

How can I clean the sponge?

After wearing, you can wash the sponge thoroughly with cold water. At the end of your period, soak the sponge in vinegar water for at least two hours.

What are the benefits of a period sponge?

The period sponge has many advantages, for example it causes less rubbish than tampons or sanitary towels and is particularly comfortable to wear thanks to its soft shape. Plus, you can have sex without any problems while wearing the sponge.

Are menstrual sponges vegan?

As a natural product, menstrual sponges are not vegan because sponges are invertebrates. Plastic sponges are vegan, but they are often chemically treated.

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