Flirt chivalry really only in disguise

Carnival and partner search: What the costume reveals about the woman

The great days of the fifth season have us fully under control at the moment! Sweet nurses, hot witches and seductive vampires party exuberantly and are often so well disguised that the real person behind them can hardly be recognized. We will help you on the jumps and reveal which type of woman is behind which costume and how you can best end up with her when it comes to matters of the heart.

The princess

Behind crowns, long curls and glitter dresses there is often a romantic who wants to be carried on your hands. Be the prince she's waiting for. Go chivalrously to work to conquer them. This lady wants your undivided attention. Just don't come to her with a K├Âlsch as her first drink, it can be a little more luxury.

The devil

She is often not as aggressive as she appears in her costume. A little angel is usually hidden behind the devil. As long as she is in her costume, she may be harsh and dismissive and turn away any admirer. After all, a devil has horns, rough edges. If your hunting instinct is inflamed, persevere. She actually wants it too.

The nurse

One of the most popular costumes for both men and women. Of course, the stronger sex associates it primarily with sexual fantasies, women know that and play with them. The tighter the costume, the hotter the exchange of blows can be.

Tip for men: take on the role of a nurse and let yourself be pampered. But don't become a helpless wimp, but make a tough guy with little ailments. Then you will be helped very quickly.

The witch

Just because she looks ugly doesn't mean the real lady behind the disguise has to be ugly. Often behind the witch mask with a crooked nose and glued-on wart hides a stunning beauty. One that is usually used to being the center of attention. In a witch costume, she enjoys being able to celebrate undisturbed at last. If you don't let the external appearance deter you and dig diligently, the surprise when you air the mask will be all the greater.

The clown

This costume cannot be assigned to either a man or a woman. The person who hides behind this mask does not necessarily want to score with their femininity. Even if she pretends to be funny, a rather insecure, even sad person can hide behind a wig and clown nose. The most likely way to land with this woman is by showing her the fun side of partying. Be humorous and funny. You can also do one or the other flat gag - she will thank you from the bottom of her heart.