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Protecting music: who owns the melody?

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At the Composing songs not infrequently flow Soul pain and heart blood into the creative process. This also leads to the fact that between Artist and work a whole special connection consists. For this reason it is not surprising that songwriters and composers find theirs Want to protect music.

Protect Music FAQ

How can I get my music protected?

If a piece of music has the necessary creative height, copyright protection arises automatically. A login or registration is therefore not necessary.

Somebody stole my song. Who can help me?

In such a case, you can reach out to a copyright attorney and discuss how you can take action against the copyright infringement while still effectively protecting your music.

Is the protection of my songs linked to GEMA membership?

Basically, it's the job of copyright law to protect your music. As a collecting society, GEMA or GVL, on the other hand, exclusively assumes the rights of use of its members. This is to ensure fair remuneration for musicians. The composition is therefore protected by copyright even without membership of GEMA and Co.

Can music be protected by copyright?

According to ยง 2 Copyright Act (UrhG) count the Works of music to the personal spiritual creations and can therefore use the Enjoy copyright protection. Since this property right is direct arises with creation and without a login or registration, you have to take no actionto your protect your own music allow.

Copyright protection secures the creator of the work diverse rights to. Including the Power of decision when a piece of music released will and how that Proof of the author has to be done.

Also wear various regulations of copyright law helps to protect the music. So is one Processing without the consent of the rights holder forbidden and also one unauthorized recovery is prohibited.

Is there a Copyright infringement before, authors can also take action against these legal violations and for example for possible financial lossesClaim damages.

How can I get additional protection for my song?

As previously described, the Rules and Regulations of Copyright helps protect your music. Since, however no registration or official deposit occurs, also exists no legal proofwhen a song was created. A fact that especially the Findingwhether a song is the Original or a plagiarism acts, can make it difficult.

So many musicians ask themselves how they feel about theirs Additionally protect music can. The Misbeliefthat an equipped with a data carrier and sent to yourself Letter as evidence is sufficient for the creation date of a song. However, this method offers one high risk of tamperingwhy the Evidential value in court as rather low is to be assessed.

On the other hand, it is more legally certain if you have a notary Protect your music. Because the notarial deposit can be used in litigation as proof serve. However, not all notaries take in copyrighted works Safekeeping. In addition, this approach is with costs connected.

Protect music - short and compact

Stand out Musical works by the necessary degree of Individuality and creativity off, these are subject to creation automatically the Copyright protection. A Registration is therefore unnecessary to protect music. Copyright also enables that Action against legal violations.

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Protecting music: who owns the melody?
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