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New generalist training starts at the nursing school

The Donauwörther Vocational School immediately implemented these requirements and is offering the three-year training for the first time. In the first “generalist” class at the gKU, 29 aspiring nurses and three aspiring nurses learn. “With the new, larger school, we can train three years with 30 students each. So for the first time there are 90 school places available, ”says headmistress Karola Rigel. The three-year training comprises 2500 practical and 2100 theoretical hours. It teaches specialist knowledge in basic care and hygiene, knowledge of the
physiological relationships in the body through to special knowledge in complex care situations for people of all age groups. The theory takes place in the vocational school. So-called skills lab units are also possible for the first time in the new rooms. Class leader Michael Harsch: "We can simulate real nursing situations in original patient rooms with simulation dummies for exercise purposes." The pupils receive practical training in the Donau-Ries clinics and retirement homes with cooperation partners in the district. The chief executive of the clinics and retirement homes, Jürgen Busse, welcomed the new trainees. “You have chosen a great and crisis-proof job. I am already looking forward to welcoming you to our company in three years' time as an excellently trained specialist, ”said Busse. After successfully completing their training, all students are offered a job. When the new trainees were welcomed, the headmistress and the class leader, the nursing staff of the gKU Michaelarechner and Bernd Meyr were present. (Pm)