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Anthony Jean

Anthony Jean was born on October 5th, 1982 in Puyricard in the Bouches du Rhone region. Although his artistic streak came to the fore at a young age, his first dream was to become an aircraft engineer. Therefore, he takes the science class at the gymnasium, but gets bored very quickly and spends most of the time on the school desk drawing up his exercise books. Ultimately, Anthony decided to become a draftsman and went to a well-known university of applied sciences in Lyon, where comic drawing, illustration, animation and infographics were taught. There he discovered the richness and diversity of the Ninth Art for the first time and developed a special soft spot for the American school. His new sources of inspiration are Mc Farlane, Spawn and Sam and Twitch, Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkewicz ... He also admires the work of Toppi and Guarnido as well as various painters such as Klimt, Dali, Turner and Rembrandt. After graduating in 2004, he finally settled in Lyon. During his final year of study he met Mathieu Gabella through the agency of Delcourt Verlag and began the series "Das Einhorn" with him, the first volume of which will be published in October 2006. Anthony is currently working on the follow-up volumes of "Das Einhorn", but already has ideas for a future series that he wants to realize on his own.


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